Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mail batch

 Time to catch up on recent mailings!  These fall into 3 categories, Blogger Kindness, Contest Winnings and Trades.

Blogger kindness - Tom from The Angels in Order noticed an Angels card he had on my 'Top Nine Most Wanted' list that he sent me out of the kindness of his heart.  You might wonder why I even wanted it, unless you have seen it previously.  But just look at that glorious card back!

Card Front - not bad...

Card back - glorious!
Thanks Tom, someday soon I will get something headed your way!

Blogger kindness 2 - free friday at Card Hemorrhage!  Jay was kind enough to put this beauty up for grabs and I sniped it.  I'm down to 28 cards needed in the 2001 Archives Reserve set.  It's been a looooonnng haul with this one, but I'm slowly getting there.  Thanks Jay!

Contest winnings - Somehow, I have been winning a decent number of contests lately.  A big one was finishing 2nd in Rod from Padrographs recent big ol contest.  Finishing 2nd got me three choices off of Rods amazing prize page, and I ended up with these three Project 2020 cards.  Trouts are always welcome, new and cool Goodens are definitely on my radar, and the cool, smooth orange of that Clemente caught my eye as well.  Thanks a bunch Rod!

Trade - hiflew of Cards from the Quarry recently returned to active blogging, check him out!  And as what looks like a regular feature, he is doing Sunday Trade Bait postings.  I claimed a couple of cards and worked out a quick and easy trade.  Hiflew threw in this cool, numbered Mack Calvin on top!

And here are the 2 cards I claimed, refractors of stars!!!

A beautiful Beltre.  I have continued to have my appreciation of Beltre grow over the last couple of years.  His Mariners years were not his best, but this is still a sweet card.
And most exciting, this excellent orange refractor of Mookie Betts!  Other than no team logos, I like everything about this card. In the scan it looks more pink than orange, but in hand, it has a soft orange glow that has more depth than a lot of cards I have seen. It's numbered /199 to boot.

Thanks to all of you, Tom, Jay, Rod and Johnny!


  1. I love the marbled look on that Gooden card! Congrats!

  2. Those are 3 pretty fine-looking Project 2020 cards. Not crazy about the Trout but those others are cool.

  3. Hudler is a staple of the Dime Box Frankenset! A modern classic for sure.

  4. That Clemente is nice. Had to look up the artist (Matt Taylor) and after seeing his work... the Clemente was by far my favorite card of his.

  5. A modern card of Mack Calvin?!?!