Thursday, June 3, 2021

The Impaler

 Perhaps no player represents how my collection has come together over the years better than Vladimir Guerrero.  Not Vlad Junior, but his old man.  Here's what I mean by that statement.  I don't think of Vladdy as one of the players I really go after, but when I see a card of his that is nice, I will pick it up as long as it is cheap. And for some reason, around here nobody seems to hold Vlad in high regard, so I have been able to find a lot of cool Impaler cards on the cheap over the years.  But of course, no RCs, not for cheap!

And that is how Vlad represents my collection.  I have a good number of cards of his I really enjoy, but not the key biggies.  Same for a lot of players.  Mike Piazza comes to mind.  Derek Jeter. Lots of others.

Sometimes not having the 'big money' cards bums me out a little, but then I look at what I do have.  And I really like it.  So without further rambling, check out my low end, but still awesome Vladimir Guerrero Sr. collection!

I can't believe how Expos heavy my Vlad collection is.  He spent pretty much exactly half of his career in Montreal, but almost all of my keepers are Expos cards.  I especially like the High Voltage cards here.  So much color and pop.  That's going to be a theme for this whole post!

Like I said, color and pop!

Our first Angels card, and it is #d /100.  So shiny.

More of the same...

Remember when Artists Proofs were actually desirable parallels?  

When I picked up the Bowman's Best and Donruss Preferred cards here, I was hoping at least one of them was a RC.  But nope, the 1995 Bowman and Bowman's Best are the only Vlad RCs out there.  Hopefully one day I can get my hands on one!

And now I have probably missed the window to get me some Vladdy Jr RCs too!  Oops.


  1. I think of him as an Expo.

    Star Date 2000 wins the round.

  2. That's still as sweet collection without the rookies. I would love to find a decent priced '95 Bowman or Bowman's best. If you aren't too picky, he does have a first Topps card in the 1996 set that he shares with (among others) Andruw Jones.

    1. Yeah, I was going to say, I do count that 1996 Topps as a rookie in my own collection. If we today don't count Bowman cards of players who haven't yet made the majors as rookie cards, then I'm OK with saying Vlad's 1995 Bowmans are pre-rookies, too. That whole era--from the Team USA set in 1985 until they set up rules--is really confusing in terms of what is and isn't a rookie card. I give myself some slack on that.

    2. Wow, that 96 Topps is pretty affordable too, thanks for the heads up guys!

  3. lots of shiny! i miss the expos.

  4. He's got some nice looking cards for sure.

  5. Nice collection of Vladdy cards. I'm also a member of the "I want to own a Bowman Vladimir Guerrero rookie card" Club.

  6. Looks like a pretty solid collection to me!

  7. For me, the best Vlads to find are the expos ones