Monday, July 19, 2021

Card show part 1 - non-vintage

 I got to go to a card show, like many of you have recently.  I did not have high hopes.  The last show I went to at this location was swamped with high end graded cards, and the low end boxes I did run into seemed quite underwhelming.

And this one certainly had a lot of those problems.  But...  I was also happily surprised by some .10, .20, .50 and $1.00 boxes that held a lot of value!!  I ended up spending a lot more than I usually do ($65), but the majority of those dollars will come in the next post where I will show the beat up vintage I acquired.

This post is about the non-vintage cards I found!  Let's get to it.

I'm pretty sure all of the cards in this first scan were in either the dime boxes or the 20 cent boxes.

Vlad/Andruw Jones RC for 20 cents???  Oh, yes!  I actually grabbed 2 of these.  I know they aren't super desirable, but I needed them!
The Gooden batting and Niekro Coors cards are really cool, well worth the dimes I spent.
The Reggie is actually a soccer card!  And it is the Gold version, don't know how much difference that makes.  But it is pretty cool.
The rest, I won't bore you with my ramblings, but at 20 cents apiece, I'm pretty happy.

Next is a hodgepodge, no real theme here!
I pick up any of the Topps Micro cards I see for cheap, same with the Negative Refractors.  I know the Lofton RC was a dime.  Then the Ohtani/Ichiro card.  I'm pretty sure that was 20 cents, but maybe it was 50.  Either way, with the way Ohtani is selling right now, seems like a bargain!  The Mantle, I don't even know what set that is from.  But it looked nice and was cheap.

Pretty good cheapie boxes, right?  I grabbed about 30 other cards from them that didn't get scanned. 

This next group, I think were all in a dollar box.

I really like them all!!  The Tatis and Vlad definitely add to my tiny collections of those guys, while the sepia Ichiro for a dollar seems like a steal!

And last up, I found a "Jerseys and Autos" box that was actually reasonable!  
I love, love the Odom Auto!  Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown just showed one off the other day.  We only live about 6 miles apart, weird that we both grabbed the same card at about the same time.  The Pujols and Pudge cards look beautiful, and they are 2 of my favorites.  The Pedro is a hefty and shiny card!  Serial numbered too.  And the card that drew me to the box in the first place was that awesome Andre!  Just a great looking card!  No matter what you think of manu-cards, it's a keeper.  Love that he's in the awesome Expos colors.  The Dawson ran me $2, and I think the whole 5 card lot was $16.

Like I said, I spent a little more, but I am pretty happy with the results!

Come back in a few days when I will be showing off my loot from a dealer who had a lot of wonderful vintage stars.  Unfortunately, they were beat up vintage stars.  And when I say beat up, I really mean it!  Come back and take a look!


  1. Gooden batting from the cheapies.

    Odom auto from the "hits".

  2. Love the Odom card, think I said the same thing to Gavin. Also love the Niekro Silver Bullets card and the weird Reggie Jackson soccer card. Don't love the negative refractor, those are atrocious.

  3. Nice Odom and Andre, but my favorites here are the Pedro relic, the Gooden oddball, and the Thome (is it serial numbered?) Great pickups!

    1. Yes, the Thome is numbered /5000. Its a fun card.

  4. The Odom is the post stealer! I liked the negative and sepia refractors back when the concept was new, but the appeal of them has really worn off over the years. That being said, I still would've bought that Ichiro.

  5. Love how Odom took the time to write out his full nickname on that signature. And that Cano negative refractor in a cheap box is quite the find. They were pretty tough pulls.

  6. Love that lot for both the Blue Moon auto and the Pedro triple relic.

  7. The Kahn's Gooden is a nice find and the Chase Utley is nice because it's a rookie card I think.

  8. Everyone focuses on the auto and my favorite xard is that Sosa. Of that ever becomes available let me know!

  9. Love that Niekro card. I've just recently, as of the All-Star Game jumped on the Tatis Jr. bandwagon. The Ohtani-Ichiro is a classic. Good post and pickups.