Thursday, July 22, 2021

Card show part 2 - vintage

 A few days ago, I posted my recent modern card pickups from a recent card show.  Today, you'll see the hammered vintage finds!

First up are these 1974 Topps Hank Aaron Specials.  There are 5 of these, now I have 4 of them!  These are not in perfect condition, but they only cost me $2 apiece.  I still need #3 if anyone has one!

These next 'cards' were the items that originally drew me in to the table where most of the cards in this post were purchased.  
These are: 
1947-66 Exhibits Jim Hegan
1947-66 Exhibits George Kell
1947-66 Exhibits Pete Reiser
1939-46 Exhibits Salutations Bob Feller

If you aren't familiar with these, they are oversized (about 3.5x5.5 in) with nothing on the backs.  The three lesser known players ran me $2 apiece, while the hammered hall of famer Feller only cost me $3!  They are kind of great, and obviously old.  Kind of annoying to store though.

I cant really tell the difference between the 39-46 and 47-66 sets, I'm sure there is one though.

The George Kell card has this writing on the back:
Looks like a kid was making a positional depth chart of the Yankees!  I love it!  Sometime around 1960, I would guess by the players.

After I picked out the Exhibits cards, the guy brought out a wooden box full of totally beat up vintage stars for me to look at.  And I mean beat up!  Check these out...

The Post cards are cut fairly nicely on half of the card, but the other halves look like someone was trying to learn how to use an exacto-knife with a paralyzed hand.  Kind of the same for the Maury Wills along the bottom.  The Campanella has major paper damage from tape or something, with more on the back.  And the Boog Powell RC is probably in the best condition of them all, getting away with just the number 16 written on it.

And I didn't care, because I am way too cheap to buy any of these cards in good condition!!  Been wanting a Powell RC for a long time, the Campy is my first and only playing days card of his, and the Wills is just awesome.

The Koufax has already flown the coop to a fellow blogger, as I found when I got home that I already had a copy.

And the last card I grabbed, from a completely different seller is this monstrosity:
I had never heard of this set, the 1967 Topps 'Who am I' set.  I thought some kid had just written all over some weird oddball Babe Ruth, so I asked the seller what he wanted.  He hemmed and hawed for a minute and said "2 bucks". I forked it over.

Well, if you aren't familiar with this set like me, it turns out that this set contained a bunch of pop culture figures from presidents to monarchs to Shakespeare.  But they all looked like the one above, with the subject's face obscured by writing.  The clue on front might give away who the subject is, but on the backs there were more clues in case you couldn't figure it out:
And once you figured it out, you could scratch off the front of the card to reveal a more normal looking pic.  I'm not planning on scratching mine off, but this is what it would look like when scratched:

All in all, I am thrilled to add all of these 'off condition' cards to my collection!!!


  1. I've known about the 1967 Who Babe Ruth since my early blogging days as Cardboard Junkie used to post it all the time.

    Good finds. Not all my style but how could you pass them up?

  2. Ooh, I love that '56 Campy! Such a beautiful card. Great finds all around there!

  3. Congrats on some great vintage pickups!

  4. Sweet pickups. That Babe Ruth is awesome! Can't believe you were able to find a copy for $2.

  5. Great haul! I might need to drag myself back to the card show one of these months.

  6. Here's the go to link for dating exhibits if you're interested (scroll down to the 7th post):

  7. $2 for Pistol Pete Reiser is a great deal.