Sunday, November 14, 2021

Keeper promotions

 I have bought, traded for or just plain found quite a few new keeper cards lately and I thought I would share just a few.  All in all, I think I added about 45 cards to my keeper boxes.  Here are nine of them:

Where I got each of them...

Trout - I grabbed this at a card show.  Can't remember how much, but it was pretty cheap.

Votto RC - I found this card while going through my non-keepers/trade bait stuff.  Which I love doing.  I wish I had a million cards to go through and every so often, find something I had overlooked previously.

Ichiro Wave refractor - This came from Madding in his big Spring Cleaning event.  I got quite a few Cardinals, Mariners and even Mets!  It was great going through them all, and I found a few absolute gems like this Ichiro!  I did some research, and even though it is not serial numbered, it looks like the print run on these wave refractors was only 12 each!

Scherzer RC - Came in a trade with Matt @Cards over Coffee.  Along with quite a few other RCs, Football RCs and other cards I will talk about shortly.

Posey - Like the Votto RC above, I found this card while going through my non-keepers/trade bait stuff.  Cool card, and with Posey retiring, I figured it was time to promote this one to a keeper!

Perez RC - Another one I found in the non-keepers.  Perez had a great season, and this RC is actually going for a decent amount right now.  Not Trout RC money, of course, but more than I ever thought a Perez RC would.

Griffey - Another great find in the cards from Madding.  Love these

Greinke refractor - The rest of the cards from Matt were a bunch of nice Zack Greinkes.  I had posted that I was looking for some of these, and Matt was happy to oblige!

Boggsy - The last one I found in the non-keeper portion of my collection.  Never loved Boggs as a Yankee, he should be a Red Sox.  And the  purple is kind of jarring.  That must have been why it languished in the non-keepers.  But no longer!

Thanks for reading this filler post, I will hopefully have more meaningful content soon!


  1. I was actually going to say that it's weird seeing Boggs as a Yankee on a post-playing career card, and you beat me to it. Then again, I'm sure it's equally weird for Red Sox fans to see Pedro as a Met, but as a Met fan I'd be happy to see that. It's a tough balancing act.

  2. That Ichiro is spectacular! Always a sucker for a nice shiny card.

  3. I am posting yours today on Cards Over Coffee

  4. That Ichiro is really fun. I'm surprised that I hadn't any versions of the card on the blogs before?

  5. Nice Scherzer rookie card. UD Masterpieces was such a great product. And that Ichiro is stunning. I've been doing this huge sorting project and have found a few "keepers" too. It feels good coming across cards you know right away are meant to be in your collection.