Saturday, November 6, 2021

Five from Gwynn

Today's player was another one that was requested on a previous "5 From" post, Tony Gwynn! I imagine this post will both thrill and annoy 2 of my favorite bloggers...  Fuji should like it (he's the one who requested Gwynn) and Night Owl should despise it (he has commented more than once about too many Gwynn posts)  So mission accomplished, I guess!

Here are my previous "5 From" posts if anyone wants to look back:

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Ken Griffey Jr

Like with Griffey, I decided to add a five card run up to the main event, so you are getting 10 Gwynns total today:

Honorable mentions...

2003 Diamond Kings DK Evolution - I think this set isn't very appreciated among collectors.  But I like it!  The cards are lenticular like old sportflix.

2002 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection - Another Diamond Kings Gwynn, I always thought this insert set was fairly classy.

1996 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns - I love me some acetate, partially transparent cards.  This one fits the bill.

1995 Topps Traded & Rookies Power Boosters - This one looks better in hand than in this scan.

2002 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Bat - My only Gwynn relic.  I keep using the word Classy, and it's appropriate when discussing Tony Gwynn.  This is a relatively classy looking relic card.

OK, on to the top 5 Gwynn's in my collection!

#5 - 2005 Topps Pristine Legends - /1999 - I loved this card from the moment I saw it!  In fact, this whole "The College Years" section of the set are pretty awesome.  I think they could have done more with the color, the  silver stuff in the background is only so-so, but I love them anyway.

#4 - 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Eyes of the Game - Semi-transparent Stadium Club insert.  DK likey! Evidently, there is a refractor version of these?  I wonder what that would look like?

#3 - 1998 Donruss Elite Series - /2500 - These Elite cards are descendants of some of the earliest numbered inserts from Donruss.  These are /2500.  Not rare, but I never seem to see them in the wild.

#2 - 1996 Topps Finest Refractor - Any time I have an old 90s refractor of a star, it will almost certainly show up in my top five lists!

And #1...

2020 Topps Rookie Card Retrospective Logo Medallions and1983 Topps RC - No surprise, really.  But I couldn't just throw up the RC when the Retrospective reprint was right there in the box next to it.  A twofer!

I can only imagine the top 5 Gwynns that Fuji (and others) could share, but these are mine.  Hopefully over the coming years, I can add to them!


  1. I have the OPC version of his RC.

    I like the SDSU one. I used to have a Marshall Faulk in a SDSU uniform, but no Gwynns.

  2. I don't despise Gwynn or his cards. I just don't understand why he's so popular, being a Padre and all.

  3. I have a few of the basketball Eyes of the Game refractors, and can tell you that they don't look much different than the regular cards. You have to turn them just right to see even the slightest difference, which isn't very fun. Thankfully all of mine came from dime boxes, as I would've been annoyed had I paid much more than that for them.

  4. A. Sorry I'm a little late to the party, but I'm so glad I saw this post on my reading list and didn't miss it.

    B. Fantastic list. Never seen that Pristine card. I really want a copy, but checked COMC and the price tag is a little higher than I'm willing to pay.

    C. Eyes of the Game is a great insert set.

    D. If I created a Top 5 list, the 1983 Topps rookie card would definitely be on it and depending on my mood would be at #1 or #2. The other contender would be his 1983 OPC rookie card.