Thursday, January 14, 2021

Five from Robin

Time for another "Five From" installment!  Today, we look at the five favorite Robin Yount cards in my collection.

Now unlike the other players featured in this series so far, I don't have a lot of Yount in my keepers.  No real reason, I like him fine.  But evidently not as much as some other players.  So I thought I would share the Yount keepers that didn't make the cut, since they could all be shown in one scan:

The first 2 are serial numbered.  The vintage and fake vintage in the middle are cool too.  I think my favorite of these (so #6, I guess!) is the partially cut off Fall Classics card.  I just like the marble-y look it has, and Yount pops off it well.

On to the countdown!

#5 - 2005 Topps Pristine Legends - Valuable Performance Relics #VP-RY.  

I love the way this card shows Yount post swing, getting out of the batters box.  Not an unique angle, but a good one.  In hand, this card has a good, chromey look.

#4 - 1976 Topps - #316
Not a great photo, but with a second year card of a Hall of Famer, you can't go wrong.  And really, the 76 design is very nice, and this is well composed.

#3 - 1977 Topps - #635
What?  The third year card beats out the second year card???  Yep, and its all about the action baby!  Great bunt shot, and Robin is in full on intensity mode.  Very cool.

#2 - 1993 Donruss The Legend Series /10000
These were super tough pulls back in the day!  1993's Elite Series card went to Yount for reaching 3000 career hits. These have a silver holofoil, radiance pattern that was a little psychedelic for the time. These guys were serial-numbered to 10,000.  And the painting was done by none other than Mr. Diamond King himself, Dick Perez.


#1 - 1975 Topps - #223
How could it not be?  Not only is the 75 set a classic, but its a Robin Freakin Yount RC!!  Yes, its off centered.  And has a couple of other defects.  But I love it and it totally deserves its place as #1.

What are some of your picks for Robin Yount cards I should acquire????


  1. Dang! Those are some sweet Yount cards! Love the rookie, Elite, and relic card. All you need is an autograph.

  2. '75 mini Yount would be my suggestion.

    My favorite Younts in my collection are easily the two '75 cards. I'm also partial to the '77 card. I've always liked the younger days Yount cards better.

    Also there are those two cards of him with his dirt bike, '92 Pinnacle and 2016 Stadium Club.

  3. The'76 is my favorite of those.

    I recommend '89 Donruss DK, '89 Upper Deck, and '93 Leaf.

  4. I'm an 70's oddball guy... so I'd go with the 1975 Hostess card. I'm also very fond of the 1975 Topps Mini I've had since the 80's... and his 1977 Topps card.

  5. Rookie definitely too notch but I like the legrnds series a lot as well

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I have no cards of his! It is by choice though, as I just don't have any sort of collecting connection to him.