Monday, January 25, 2021

Some fun cards

Big bunch of diverse cards to look at today, from a lot of different places!  Something for everyone?  Could be!

I won a contest over at The View from the Third Floor, and Elliptical Man sent me not only my winnings, but this great set of shiny and die cuts!!

He sent a not that said he hoped these qualify for my Cuts and Colors collection.  What do you think???  Very nice, my favorites are the Landry Die cut and the Smith Record Breakers.

And of course, my winnings:
Some really great Draft cards.  And my first DK Metcalf RC!  My daughter was as excited as me, she has taken a shine to the beast.  Thanks a lot Brenden!

gcrl of Cards as I See Them decided that I didn't have enough McGwires.  And he was right!  Out of nowhere, this needed Big Mac showed up.

Thanks Jim!!

Jon at Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts was another 'out of the kindness of his heart' card sender.  This time it was for my Steroids Project.  
Both of these will definitely make it in to the Project!  And both are serial numbered.  I've always quite liked the 98 UD3 die cut shape.  Very unusual and cool.

And the rest of the cards in this post are from a lot of cards I recently stumbled into.  It was quite a diverse bunch of cards, and there were surprises everywhere, as I bought it blind.  I was extremely happy with the purchase though!  Here are a few of the highlights.

1969 Topps Don Drysdale - I'll take 60s cards of stars any time, any place.  The last card of Drysdale's playing career.

1977-84 TCMA Renata Galasso Roberto Clemente - I guess I don't really know the history of this set, specifically why it is listed as an 8 year set, from 77-84.  I assume that Galasso just kept pumping out cards.  Regardless, a 'vintage' Clemente!

1997 Bowman RA Dickey RC - Not his most desirable RC, not Chrome, not a refractor.  But I recently watched Knuckleball on Netflix which featured Dickey, and it made me appreciate this card and the struggles of knuckleballers.

2020 Panini Prizm - Brilliance - Red White & Blue Prizm Jacob Degrom - If you don't know I like colorful and shiny, then you haven't been payin attention.

2017 Topps Fire - Monikers Jacob Degrom - Back to back DeGrominators!!  All kinds of color and mess going on here, right? I very much need the McGwire from this set!

1996 Topps Finest - Landmark Series - Promos Eddie Murray - My favorite Murray cards are definitely Orioles cards.  However, this one is pretty sweet!  Good color, shine and design.  The card is a little smaller than a standard card.  Strange.

1997 SP - Inside Info - This is the first card of this subset I have ever held.  I wasn't collecting at the time.  As you can see, you can pull on the little tab and get some extra info on ol' Roger.  Kind of cool.

2002 Upper Deck Minor League Joe Mauer - I always liked Mauer, so when a 'pre' RC popped out, I was happy to see it.  I wish guys like Mauer were more appreciated.  I also wish he had been able to play longer/sustain his peak.  Classy guy with skills.

And my favorite card in the bunch....

2020 Panini Absolute - Absolute Legends Blue Billy Martin!! - This card just makes me laugh!  Martin looks like a mobster or janitor or bum on the street, I am not sure which.  Totally sums up Billy Martin for me!  And of course, the card is nice and shiny which is just icing on the cake.  Great card.

Some basketball cards were in the batch too!  I ran into this Green Prizm of Bill Russell.  Celtics look good in green, who woulda guessed?

Right after the Russell was this Green Prizm of Kareem!  Back to back Green Greats!  Any guesses on who was next??
Yup, the trifecta!  Wilt rounds out the trio of big men cloaked in green.
Here they are all together:
These may not quite make my keepers as singles, but I would love to think of something to do with them, they are so nice as a group.  Maybe I'll take them to work and look at them every day.

Last up are these sweet ceramic cards from the Hamilton Collection, whatever that is.  They are about 1/8 inch thick, and have a good heft to them.
Here is the back of the Clemente.  Don't know what the writing on the Limited Edition line is, I'm guessing #60051.  Seems like a lot of work to manually write in 60000+ serial numbers though.  And it looks more like C0051 to me.  What do you think?
Looking at these on COMC, it looks like I was right, it is a C.  I see some out there starting with C, some with B, and others with nothing written there at all.  A Mystery to me.

And the other ceramic I got is the Brooks Robinson!
These don't seem to be worth much, but they are an awesome addition to my collection!


  1. Well, Martin was known to hang out with mobsters, so ...

    Yes, the Renata Galasso set did last from 1977-84 as it kept adding on cards to the set. That Clemente doesn't look like the early cards, so I'm guessing it was one of the late additions. I'm not too familiar with those.

  2. Oh man... that Martin is pretty cool. I was thinking FBI informant... but mobster is a much better call.

  3. How is that you came to own this wonderful lot?

  4. Great stuff especially the 90s baseball inserts