Tuesday, January 12, 2021

High volume mailbox

Bunches of cards have come in recently to the old mailbox.  Its been a blast!  Unfortunately, I got all excited and put a bunch of these away without scanning, especially some that were additions to my Steroids Project.  Sorry guys, but still plenty to look at.

Madding of Cards on Cards sent these out of the blue, what a great surprise!!  Being one of the foremost Cardinals guys out there, it should come as no surprise that Madding sent me all guys that have played for the Cards, even though some of them show the players in other uniforms.

An excellent addition to my Big Mac collection.  I remember hitting a ball 87 feet once.  487 feet is a bit out of my range.
I love McGwire minis, and this one is no exception.  Great background!

This was a sweet surprise, I have the base card, but this is the refractor version, and my scanner didn't do it any justice.  Great looking card, and sends me back to the day!

People have been sending me more Pujols lately, and I can only say thank you!  Solid card with the red foil.  Thanks Madding!!

Julie of A Cracked Bat sent me pick pockets cards like so many of you out there.  Amazing stuff!!  Thanks Julie!

All of these are beautiful.  I love the Carew signing autos, great shot.  The Gallery cards are quite good looking, and Soto and Bellinger are becoming favorites for me.  Lots of other good stuff here including a Kellogg's HOFer and 2 copies of the Frank Thomas RC that is in my "I'll take any of these" list.

Julie also sent stuff for the Steroids Project, several of these made their way into the binder!

And a surprise, this McGwire was actually my 1200th McGwire!  Milestone!

Gregory from Nine Pockets offered a bunch of prizes on his blog a while back, and I claimed a group of mini cards.  These were a few of them: 

The Mauer ended up being a very short printed NNO card.  They have a stated print run of only 50 copies, even though they aren't serial numbered.  Very cool!  The main reason I picked this group was the 1965 Autobrite Vintage Cars in the middle.  I love anything old, and it caught my eye.  And the Gretzky is a box cutout that looks very nice.  Thank you Gregory!

Jeremy at Topps Cards that Never Were

Jeremy sent a bunch, but his package was one that I sorted and put away before I remembered to scan many of them.  That was because they filled a TON of holes in my base card needs for the Steroids Project!  And I mean a ton, Jeremy cut over half of the base card needs off my list.  Very cool!

In addition, Jeremy filled in some gaps in my knowledge and told me that Topps made an insert set with all of A-Rod’s missing Topps cards (1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997). If you don't remember, Arod and his agent sighed some deal that precluded Topps from making his cards for his first few years.  Anyway, Jeremy sent me the 2 above from the reimagining Arod set.  These two are the 96 and 97 remakes.  they will find a home in the Steroids binder!

And being the Topps Cards that Never Were guru, Jeremy also included this sweet custom of Arod back in his Team USA days using the 1993 design.  Love those customs!!

And from Fuji

The San Jose Master sent a very cool package my way, with all sorts of good stuff.  I sorted a lot of it away before scanning, but here are a few tidbits!

A cool card from my non-collecting years with three studs on the front...

And three more on the back!

An Excellent Canseco that was just too good for the Steroids Project, and went straight into my keepers.

And an amazing custom 1/1 sketch card of McGwire!!! This card is very nice in hand, and I appreciate the love and effort that went into it.  It was made by Jayson Johnson, who I am not familiar with.  That was my neighbor's name growing up, but he both hated sports and had no artistic talent, so I think it is not him.  Here is the back, complete with the artists signature.

And lastly, an amazing Mike Piazza minor league card!

Some of those early 90s minor league sets were pretty cheap and low quality.  This one is definitely on the better end of that spectrum.  I really like the color and photography, and this one went straight to my keepers as well.  Thanks a ton Fuji!

So my mailbox was tired there for a bit, but it has recovered, so if you want to trade or whatever, let me know!!


  1. The Frank Thomas RC wins this round.

  2. Don't know that I've ever seen a minor league Piazza before. Nice!

  3. I purchased that sketch card off eBay a year or two ago... and it smelled terrible. I tried out several tricks (suggestions from readers) on how to get that smell out. Forgot to give it the sniff test before I shipped it. Hopefully it doesn't smell like smoke anymore.

    1. Well, you did a good job. If I sniff it like a boodhound, I can maybe get a little whiff of smoky smell, but I really have to try.

  4. Stadium Club Chrome may be the best new product of the year! McGwire is sharp!

  5. 1,200 McGwires? Wow. That's quite a milestone!

    Glad you're enjoying the minis. I had no idea that Joe Mauer card was such a short print. When you sell it for a few thousand dollars, I hope you'll send me a little thank-you of some kind. Heh.

  6. That Stadium Club Refractor McGwire's gotta be a prime candidate for the roid project binder, no? Awesome cards all around!

  7. Whoa, that Piazza card came out of nowhere!

  8. This sounds like a nice problem to have :)

  9. Hey. I got the Luis Robert card. Thanks.