Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Five from Griffey

 It's been quite a while since I did a "5 From" post. I know, they are cheesy, but they are easy too, and I needed a nice easy post to write.  Here are my previous "5 From" posts if anyone wants to look back:

Albert Pujols
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Today's player was requested on a previous "5 From" post, Ken Griffey Jr!

So, I may not have the best Griffey collection.  Many of his top cards are just too darn expensive for me!  But I do have a lot of them I wanted to show.  So I decided to expand this out, and add 5 honorable mentions before the top 5!

The honorable mentions...

1995 Pinnacle - not a valuable card by any measure, but still one of his more iconic shots.  Backwards hat, childlike expression and a huge bubble.  The Kid indeed!

1998 Metal Universe - I really like the old Metal Universe cards, along with half the collecting world lately.  Bad on my scanner though, looks much nicer in hand.

2001 Fleer Genuine - High Interest - Die cuts always get some love from me. And this one is a very unusual shape.

1996 Metal Universe - Mother Lode - I'm not sure why this didn't make my top 5, but here it is in the honorable mentions.  Oh well.  Beautiful card, semi-transparent in parts.  Another weird one from Metal Universe!

2001 Fleer Genuine - @LG. - And the last of the honorable mentions, another die cut!  Nice looking card, if a little strange. But what do you expect from me?

Now on to the actual top five!

2000 Finest - Features Refractor.  Arod is on the back.  I like the orange.

1999 Bowman's Best - Franchise Best - Mach II #d /1000.  Die cut, numbered and a fairly classy design.  Nice card.

2002 Bowman's Best - Blue - I'm not exactly who got fired over this strange blue tracing (they did the same in Red this year).  It's just weird.  But it's distinctive and so I like it anyway.  But there is probably a reason this look hasn't caught on like refractor technology.

1999 Topps - All-Topps Mystery Finest - Refractor - Speaking of refractor technology, this one looks nice in hand.

1989 Upper Deck RC - Um, duh, the UD RC is number 1!  I'm pretty happy to have a copy of this card.  1 out of the 50 million that were made.  For being so 'un-rare', I sure can't seem to get my hands on any more of them.

And if you've read this far, I assume you are at least a little bit of a Griffey fan.  So here is one card of Griffey that I am looking to trade away.  It's the "Plus" version of his 2000 Skybox Dominion - Eye on October insert, and is somewhat rare.  Not insanely rare of course, but I can't find a recent sale on Ebay and it's listed for $114 on COMC.

Anyone want to trade me for it?  I'm up for any reasonable offer!  Let's do it!


  1. That's a good RC to have.

    (Got the Morgan. Thanks.)

  2. As you saw in my Griffey post I am a closet collector. I may be interested in that insert, guess it depends what you are looking for. (i like some of those other griffeys to lol)

  3. Fun list...surprisingly, the only card I have from that list is the RC.