Monday, October 11, 2021

Flash Freebie again

  Read before you comment!

Todays rules:

1. First 2 commenters (today only!) to leave a comment stating which card they want will get the card of their choice.  That means 2 cards will go unclaimed today.  If you try to claim more than one card, your comment will not be eligible for the win!

2. Anyone can pick, even if they have received a flash freebie before.

3. When you claim it, send me your mailing address in an email.  My email address can be found in my profile on the sidebar.

The chosen card will go out 'as is', and in a simple PWE.  If condition is a concern, look closely before claiming.

The eighth flash freebie:

1973 Topps Joe Morgan
1977 Topps Robin Yount (pretty miscut vertically)
2019 Topps Big League Adam Frazier (I think it is a Rainbow Foil version, numbered /100)
2013 Panini Select Nick Franklin RC/Auto #d /750

The unpicked cards will go into a pot that I may do something with down the road.


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  2. Replies
    1. Whups! I replied tomorrow. Better luck next time!

    2. Lol, not a problem. The 'today only' meant that only this time would there be 4 cards with 2 potential claims. I'll get it out to you! I think I still have your address somewhere, but if you get a chance, shoot it my way!