Friday, October 15, 2021

Goofy 50 and 60 year old stuff

 Here are a couple of recent pickups that are older than I am.  Not exactly cards, but these fit into my collecting wheelhouse anyway. 

First up is this "Today's 1971 New York Mets" booklet.  Seems like a good buy at the cover price of 39 cents!  I paid a little more than that, but not much.  I'll show all the pages...

The front cover.  Looks nice, with the semi-classic artwork.

A nice writeup and the first player pics page!  Nolan Ryan!!  Tom Seaver!!  Jim McAndrew!!

On the left, we see the backs of the players from the previous page.  And the stats for each of them on the right!

A filler page about the National League makes an appearance before the rest of the player pics.  Jerry Koosman may be the biggest name here.

In the middle of the booklet, we have this offer to send in for more of these team albums.  Looks like a pretty good deal!

More backs and stats...

A full color page explaining the offer we saw earlier... Along with some "All Time Mets Stars"!!  Definitely guys that die hard Mets fans would know, but these guys are nothing compared to some of the guys that were currently on this Mets team. I doubt any of these 8 would make the current all time Mets.  Funny how time can change perspective on who is an "All Timer".

And finally, the back cover, complete with schedule.  Quite a fun little book, and a welcome addition to my collection!

Next item!  We will stay in the National League for this, but switch coasts.  It's all about the Dodgers!

This packet of pics came as a throw in when I purchased the Mets album.  I don't really know anything about these, but they are awesome!
I wish I could get these for 50 cents today!

Here are all 20, though you can't really see much.

Some of my favorites, Koufax, Wills and Roseboro.

And a few more, Hodges, Snider and Drysdale!

Thanks for reading!


  1. How good could the 70s Mets been if they kept Nolan Ryan.?

  2. I love 1970s baseball publications.

    I have lots of those Dodgers picture packs going back to the '70s, '60s and even the '40s.

  3. The Mets book is really fun. I don't collect things like that, but still enjoy being able to "look" through it.