Friday, May 20, 2022

Closet box dimes

 So I have a 3000 count box of cards that I have been holding on to for a long time, thinking that if I ever do a card show, I might put it out as a dime box.  But it's been sitting in my closet for years, and I don't really know if I will ever do a card show.

Anyway, I needed something to write a quick post about, so I grabbed a small handful of cards (turned out to be 51 cards in the handful) out of the middle of the third row of the box to look at.  I grabbed one card of each player in the handful to show here, 27 unique players:

I chose the 'most interesting' card of a player if there were more than one.  For example, I think there were 4 Barry Bonds in the handful.  The HoloGRFX card in the scan was the most interesting.

You can tell the box has been sitting around for a while, because there's nothing new in there!

So from this small sample size, what do you think?  How would I do with this type of selection in a dime box?  What card(s) would you pay a dime for in this selection?  What card(s) do you think would never get bought?


  1. Honestly, I don't see any in there that wouldn't sell for a dime. If I saw that Puckett for a dime I'd take it.

  2. Chipper, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., Rivera, Rose, Brett, Piazza, Big Hurt.

    Maybe Puckett, Clemens, Ichiro, and Ozzie Smith.

    Cashner, Hamilton, Harvey, and Butler are the worst.

  3. The no-name [Rob Butler] Wave of the Future might be worth a dime based on its funkiness alone.

    I would leave the cards of guys whose MLB careers stalled out behind - Cashner, Hamilton, Harvey, Profar, Parker.

    I wouldn't grab the Sosa either but who knows.

  4. Looks like solid dime-box fare to me. At a minimum I'd take the Lynn, Chipper, Unit, Harvey, Griffey, Hornsby, and Piazza. Maybe a few more depending on how that card show was going. A couple more which I only wouldn't grab because I already have them. Pretty sure that around these parts the Yankees would all be snapped up pretty quickly.

  5. That would be a good dime box.

  6. That's exactly the kind of selection I love in a dime box! Variety of names, variety of sets, variety of eras. I see a bunch there that I'd buy for a dime in a flash.

  7. I would make a strong consideration to buy quite a few of these cards if I found them in a dime box. I would purchase them either for one of many collections or as trade material for fellow collectors.

  8. That would be a solid dime box. Stars for a dime would sell all day (well... if I came across it) at a show.