Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Go help the Pads

 You may have seen this on other blogs, but if not, you should go help out at Padrographs!  He's got a nice birthday gift he is trying to put together and could use the help.  C'mon, it's Christmas time, help a brother out!  And he even has stuff to trade for your help.  Just don't claim the Abdul-Jabbar auto, that's mine!

And with that out of the way, I am continuing my mini-dump of some cards that I think others might want, but that just don't fit my collection.  Today, minis!

You can only claim 1 card each today in the comments.  I will PWE them out!  2 of these have some relatively low numbering on the back, but I'm not saying which!  Oh, and Jeremy didn't get any minor leaguers from yesterday's giveaway even though he was the first commenter.  Because I wasn't cool enough to have any Tigers or Rays.  So IF he wants the Cobb, it's his.  The others are all first come, first served.


  1. You are cool enough to have a Chris Sale card. He went to my high school and I would love that card. Thanks again for the giveaway.

  2. I'd take the Cobb if Jeremy doesn't need it - if that's off the table though I'd love the Rollie Fingers mini!

  3. Looks like no one has grabbed Rollie Fingers. I'll take him! Thanks as always.

  4. Somebody needs to claim that Zito. Pretty sure I already have it.