Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Broken tools

It's tough when the tools you use every day break.  Here are a couple of my favorite 'broken tools' cards:

Bo brought this broken tool on himself.

Duane probably didn't break this bat like Bo did, as he has slightly fewer muscles.

But the tool I am talking about wasn't a baseball bat, it was my blogging tool.  All my regular readers may have noticed my absence lately.  Well it wasn't because I didn't want to blog, it was because my computer broke.  And broke bad!  And yes, I know you can blog from your phone, but I am really getting old, and it just wasn't worth it to me.

Obviously I have finally fixed the old adding machine though!!  In my younger years, I built computers all the time, for myself and others.  But once my son got into computers, I retired and he has been the computer tech for friends and family for the past 10 years or so.  Unfortunately, he recently took a job on the other coast, and for some reason, refused to fly back to fix mine for me.  I replaced the motherboard, CPU, RAM and Video Card.  Hard on my eyes and fingers.  I procrastinated a lot!

I've also been out of town a lot lately going to my daughters college track meets.  We are pretty proud of her for getting a full athletic scholarship at a D1 school.  Especially since she has the handicap of sharing half of my genes.  Pretty impressive!

All that procrastination and travel added up to me not posting in forever, and I've also not been reading/commenting on other blogs as much as I would like.  Hopefully all that gets back to normal now.  A few posts I hope to write in the near future include

1. Catching up on incoming cards from several of you
2. Card show! recap
3. The current blog around - alphabet challenge
4. Probably a few of my small giveaways
And hopefully more!


  1. If my computer broke, I'd be buying a new computer, not the slightest clue how to fix one of those.

    Glad you're up and running again. Congrats to your daughter! That's pretty cool.

  2. I have a broken tool too - it's called the USPS, but that's another story. Was wondering what happened to you. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you and the blog. Looking forward to new entries from you.

  4. Sounds like both of your kids are doing well, so I guess you must've done something right. Yay you!

  5. Good job on those kids, send the boy a stocking of coal (at Christmas) for not flying cross country to fix your PC :). No way could I repair my laptop. I have all 3 of my actual original computers (in my life) waiting to be taken to the dump. I have been procrastinating about 10 years as I can't dump them until I remove the hard drive (I'm required by law to destroy because of the data on them). I think about it, look at the backs then find something else I want to do.

  6. Glad you're back! I'm about due for a new PC myself, but this one's hanging on.

  7. I've been dealing with the same thing; until today, I hadn't published in three weeks and I didn't see your new posts until now. My chromebook needs to be taken out to pasture. Luckily, I have a spare ready for when this piece of crud finally conks out.