Thursday, November 2, 2023

Recommendation - Yogi

 First, since this is a card blog, here are all of my Yogi Berra cards:

How about that 1953 Bowman Color??  I love finding beat up old cards like that, only way they fall into my price range.

And the reason for Berra cards today, is that I watched the new documentary on Netflix called "It Ain't Over", about one Lawrence Peter Berra.

If you read this humble blog very often, you may know that I really love it when new, decent baseball documentaries come out.  There are not enough of them!!  I want them to gain popularity so more are made!  Hence my plug, go watch "It Ain't Over"!!

Not much in the way of spoilers, but this documentary is pretty good.  It is narrated, and commented heavily in, by Berra's granddaughter.  She is a bit biased, and sometimes forceful in her views.  But if a girl can't gush over her grandpa, then I don't want to be a grandpa.

There are several touching segments to go along with all the baseball.  They are well done.  At more than one time, Berra reminded me of my own grandpa.  He passed 2 years ago, and like Berra, was loved by everyone, and underestimated by many.  Like Berra, he was short, funny, stubborn and had a unique way of expressing himself.

Have you seen "It Ain't Over"?  What did you think?  Are there other baseball docs I may have missed?  And most interesting to me, what subject would make the next big baseball documentary???


  1. Hey Kevin this didn't show up on my blogroll

  2. Yeah, I remember seeing the trailer for that and Yogi's grandaughter was very biased indeed. It was kind of off-putting. Also, the whole argument that Jackie Robinson was "out" when he stole home in the '55 World Series is sour grapes from a guy who won every other WS he played in. Like, 11 rings isn't enough for you? Get over it!

  3. Lorenzo Pierre Berra, lol. I watched it this week too.

  4. Netflix has been getting kinda light on stuff I actually wanna watch, so seeing this pop up was a delight. Always been a fan of Yogi & I'll definitely be giving it a go at some point soon.

    (If you haven't already, watch "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" - pretty sure it's still on Netflix. You won't be sorry.)

  5. Haven't seen it. And since I don't do any of the streaming stuff, I suspect that I never will see it.