Saturday, May 19, 2012

Show Showoff 1

Card show, card show.  My Christmas, except that it comes around monthly instead of yearly.  For those of you who read regularly, you may remember that last month I thought the show was going away, but thankfully, I was wrong.  It just moved!  It's a little further for me to drive, but well worth it!

Check out some of my finds!
'Soupy' here was a buck.  Yeah, $1!  He has tape stains, but a 1941 Play Ball card for a dollar will always get my cash.
The Goose autograph!  No guarantee it's real, but for .25, I went for it.  In a weird coincidence, Rod from Padrographs was standing next to me chatting when I found this.  But he didn't need it, so I kept it!  I compared the sig to a bunch online and it looks real.  Who knows though!
Now this one, I know is real!  Very nice, only set me back another buck (I know the sticker says $6, but it was in a dollar box)  Mickey was born in Portland OR, which is where the card show was held.
Here is a smattering of fun, miscellaneous stuff.  All of these were from the quarter box except the Aaron I think.  I have a small collection of funky color, shiny and die cuts and several of these fit right in.  The Pascual Perez is an error, it says he's on the twins.  I remember wanting that card when I was a little guy.  Errors were big stuff back then!

The Nolan Ryan/Roger Clemens is cool and shiny, but I have no idea what set it is from.

Here is a sampling of the Diamond Kings parallels and inserts I picked up.  Quarter boxes.

And here are some cards I picked up more for trading than anything.  Fun stuff!
The Maddux is a 2006 Topps '52 Debut Flashbacks
The Williams is a 2004 Fleer reprint #d /406
The Howard is #d /10.  I'm sure Beckett would say it's too scarce for pricing!!!  :)
The Aparicio is #d /25 and looks sweet
The Reggie is #d /1000
The Fielder is a 2008 Topps insert
The Martinez is a 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft refractor #d /300

Let me know if you want any of that and stay tuned for the next post where I'll be showing off a ton of hits I grabbed - all for trade!!


Dhoff said...

Soupy and a Lolich auto for a buck?! Holy Tigers bliss. Awesome finds.

Fuji said...

Goose's autograph for a quarter? What a steal! Nice show finds.