Monday, May 28, 2012

A Trade, Contest Winnings and Ebay

Got some cool cards from Jeff at Cardboard Catastrophes.  These cards don't seem much like catastrophes to me!  Jeff, I'm waiting on a card to show up here before I send out your side of this trade.

I won this Eck from Brian at 30 Year Old Cardboard. Great contest Brian!

And I won these on Ebay!
What a nice card of Winfield!  The jersey swatch has a hint of a pinstripe and it's numbered 10/15!

These bad boys are nice additions to my ever growing McGwire collection.  The Finest card is a refractor, but it doesn't seem to refractory to me.  The Big Mac collection is one of the most impressive parts of my collection.  I have over 500 different Big Macs including a few of the bigger money late 90's refractors.  Now I'm just looking for the harder to find inserts and Jersey/Autos.  And of course any refractor parallels!

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