Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cards that make me happy

You get a nine pack today!  Each of these cards make me smile for different reasons.
Dream Team Robbie Alomar - He's leaping out of nowhere!  Literally nowhere!  For effect!
Pinnacle Tribute George Brett - This card is great.  No Brett, just the infamous bat.  It has a sinister feel to it.  I love it!
Dream Team Frank Thomas - Staged pose with a huge bat.  Hilarious.  Oh what, that's his normal bat?  Oh.
84 Fleer Larry McWilliams - Here's a cute idea, hold this card of yourself!  Maybe it'll take the focus off your funky Pirates hat.  And your mustache!
84 Fleer Jay Johnstone - Rain delay.  Time to get out my Budweiser head-brella!  Yay!
91 Topps Wade Boggs - Overused now, but this was one of the first good sky background card.  And since Boggsie was a fave of mine, I always loved this card.
83 Fleer Champ Summers - Born in 1946, that makes Champ 36 years old on this card.  I'm 40 and I'm sure glad I don't look that old!  Then again, he played in MLB and I'm a scrub...
84 Fleer Glenn Hubbard - Holy famous snake card batman!  We've all seen it, but I stll giggle each time I run across this one.
80 Topps Garry Maddox - The man is HAPPY!  The man is HAIRY!  The man is STYLISH!  I love it.  Makes me want to play baseball.

Thanks for the read!


Daniel Wilson said...

All great cards! Thanks for sharing!

night owl said...

Glad you included the Maddox in there. A lot of those other cards get a lot of play, but somehow Maddox gets left out.