Monday, December 9, 2013

Dealing - the recap

Card show!  Just like Christmas for me.  And if you've been reading, you know I was a dealer, not just a customer at this one!  I asked for advice from you, my readers, and got a good bit, so this is the recap.  To break up the post I will show off a card or two that I picked up for myself along the way.  Like these:
The Bonds is pretty cool looking in the scan, even better in real life.  Maybe it makes it into the SCAM project, maybe my personal collection.  The 'Face Off' card is really cool.  I totally remember that world series, and it's not every day that you see a Brave and a Twin on the same card.  Oh, and it's #d /500.  Sweet!  Last is a David Wright minor league issue.  What a kid!

So in a previous post, I outlined what I expected to sell.

Nickel Boxes - Baseball (~8000 cards), Basketball (~8000 cards) and Football (~3000 cards)
I got a lot of lookers, and sold a decent amount, but nobody took me up on whole 5000 count boxes for $25.  Oh well.  I left with about 90% of these still in my possession, which was a disappointment.  Still, I estimate that I made about $40 on these, which paid for my table.

Now THIS goes straight to the SCAM Project!  I have one page that is just cards of multiple roiders, and this may be the best of the bunch.

Dime Boxes - Baseball(~2500) and Basketball(~1000)
Lots of lookers here too.  I discounted these as it got later in the day.  I figure I sold in the neighborhood of 400 Baseball and 400 Basketball.  After discounts, I think I made about $65 on the dime boxes.

These are two of my favorites from the whole show.  Russel Wilson is looking pretty good up in Seattle, and I couldn't pass up his baseball RC.  The Ichiro is a Japanese issue from the 2000 season.  It's gaudy and Japanese!  What's not to like?

70's commons (~2000) from 1971-75
Many of these have condition issues and they are all commons with very few semistars.
These were pretty popular for looking, but few buyers.  Until mid way through the show, I sold the whole box for $40.  Good deal for the buyer, and I got rid of them!

These look pretty similar in the scan and are even tougher to differentiate in person.  But one is #d /1000 and the other is #d /25!  Great find in the dollar bin!

Plastic semi-rigid cases with price tags on them (~750, fills a 3000 count box)
No interest in these whatsoever.  Oh well.

These were in a 'well loved' box.  The Newcombe was $3 and the 1950 Bowman was $2.  I felt awesome about both!  That is my 1st 1950 Bowman.

And in the last hour, I got a little desperate to get rid of stuff and offered a 5000 count box to one of the few kids at the show for free.  I had 2 of them left, and the kid couldn't decide which one he wanted.  He kept looking through one and then the other, trying to decide which one was better.  It was kind of hilarious!

Finally, his dad insisted that he pick.  He asked if he could transfer a couple of cards from one box to the other, I said sure, and he went away happy.  Probably the highlight of the show.  And I didn't have to carry that box out!

All said, I think I grossed about $145, which was great by me.  I got rid of about 10000 cards which was REALLY great by me.  I spend a lot of what I made, and had a lot of fun too.  If you have a ton of unwanted cards, I'd recommend it.


  1. That Jose/Barry/Alex triad is legendary.

  2. Good to hear that it went well! I have been trying to fight off the worst beast of a cold or else I probably would have gone myself.