Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cards that make me happy

You get a nine pack today!  Each of these cards make me smile for different reasons.
Dream Team Robbie Alomar - He's leaping out of nowhere!  Literally nowhere!  For effect!
Pinnacle Tribute George Brett - This card is great.  No Brett, just the infamous bat.  It has a sinister feel to it.  I love it!
Dream Team Frank Thomas - Staged pose with a huge bat.  Hilarious.  Oh what, that's his normal bat?  Oh.
84 Fleer Larry McWilliams - Here's a cute idea, hold this card of yourself!  Maybe it'll take the focus off your funky Pirates hat.  And your mustache!
84 Fleer Jay Johnstone - Rain delay.  Time to get out my Budweiser head-brella!  Yay!
91 Topps Wade Boggs - Overused now, but this was one of the first good sky background card.  And since Boggsie was a fave of mine, I always loved this card.
83 Fleer Champ Summers - Born in 1946, that makes Champ 36 years old on this card.  I'm 40 and I'm sure glad I don't look that old!  Then again, he played in MLB and I'm a scrub...
84 Fleer Glenn Hubbard - Holy famous snake card batman!  We've all seen it, but I stll giggle each time I run across this one.
80 Topps Garry Maddox - The man is HAPPY!  The man is HAIRY!  The man is STYLISH!  I love it.  Makes me want to play baseball.

Thanks for the read!


  1. All great cards! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you included the Maddox in there. A lot of those other cards get a lot of play, but somehow Maddox gets left out.