Thursday, October 21, 2021

Serial Numbers or Not? Card Show Report.

 Short card show report!  I'm only showing a few of the cards I grabbed.  Mostly dime and quarter boxes, as usual.

First up, these top 2 cards were in a quarter box, and the Betts was a dime.  I want to talk about the combo cards.  After I got home, I tried to look them up on COMC since I had not seen this particular design before.  It looks like they are "2021 Topps On Demand Dynamic Duals".  Whatever that means.  Are these some sort of Topps website exclusive or something?  Anyone smarter than me?

COMC also has these listed as numbered /1200, though there is no number stamped anywhere.  I'm guessing that if they are a Topps website thing, they limited the run to 1200.  Who knows.  The COMC prices for these are outrageous too.  If they are actually worth a little, then I missed out, because there were probably 15 more of these in the quarter box.

The Betts is also 'numbered' on COMC, this time /2020.  No numbering or stamping to be found on my copy.  Is that normal?

The next batch were all dimes.
Very fun stuff.  I'm most excited about the sepia Brett, the Abbott (how did I not have that?), the Bench because I like the photo and the very cool Minnie Minoso.  It's a Coca Cola card that I hadn't run into before.  It's not quite standard size, as you might be able to tell from the scan.  A little wider than usual.  The Pujols seems to be some parallel too, so that's nice.

I ran into some nice Buster Poseys.  I really like those Fearless inserts.  Would love any of those anyone has, especially a prizm version.  the other two are artsy numbered cards.  /50 and /100.  Nice!

Several Griffeys.  These weren't quarters though!  Looking back on it, I think I overpaid on the Father/Son card, but the other two were good enough deals to make up for it.  I had not seen those glasses style die cut inserts before.

Three beastly pitchers!  Spahn on the Mets is pretty incongruous, but I will take it!  The Clemens is pretty and any 70s Nolan Ryan is welcome.

And last but not least, dime box packs!  Yes, these were dimes.  I love having these old, unopened packs laying around.  Someday I will need to open some vintage, and these will come in handy.  Not much valuable to get in any of those on the top row, but still fun!
And yes, I got those complete sets of Leaf Draft for a dime each.   They have Tatis, Acuna, Wander Franco, Jasson Dominguez and some other recognizable players. Again, lots of fun for a dime!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, things are cheap on the west coast.

  2. I've found that on comc a lot recently. Some overzealous reviewer is putting in the print run as the serial numbering

  3. Wow some great deals there! The Minoso is superb.

  4. Yes, the Dynamic Duals are a web-only thing. They've been making them for a while--I have one I bought on eBay from a few years ago.

    A 50-card current set for a dime? Wowzers!

  5. Those packs/sets are a steal at a dime apiece! And that Mookie Betts blue parallel is a fantastic find!

  6. We've graduated to dime-box packs now? Man, I wish there were more card shows in my area...