Saturday, December 24, 2011

Catching up

The prizes have all gone out!  Hopefully some of you will get them before Christmas, but if not, sorry.

Due to the contest and other stuff, I have fallen way behind on new stuff I have bought and received, so heeeeeeeer we go!

New addition to my Big Man On Court collection.  She's a beaut!  As always, if you have any of these to trade, let me know!

Contest winnings from XXXXX!  Thanks for the cool contest!  I always love well designed inserts and this is my first card of Mr. Belt.

Wonderful, ridiculous, awesome McGwires from Ryan at This Card is Cool!  I love em!  He sent a bunch more including some very pretty shiny inserts of other (lesser??  Everyone's lesser than BigMac!) players that were also much appreciated!

Kyle at Juuust a Bit Outside & Derek at Tomahawk Chopping each held card drafts that I took part in.  Stupidly, I mixed the cards from both drafts up!  So the next 2 pics are a few of the coll cards I got from both drafts.

Thorzul of the Will Rule blog held one of his El Cheapo breaks and here is some of my loot!  Very cool variety.  Thanks T!

Wicked of The Cardboard Don and I completed a trade recently.  Here are a few of the highlights, but there was tons more.  You always get the goods from the Don!

Wow, that was a bunch and I didn't show even half of the cards!  Thanks all!


  1. Let me know if you wanna trade that Reggie Relic....

  2. Sweet Reggie relic with the yellow fabric.

  3. That Reggie relic is NICE!! I cannot figure out why some of the mini relics from that set cost a buck and then others sell for $15+. See Fergie Jenkins...

  4. Merry Christmas ! Received my prize cards yesterday. Thank you so much, they are great !!

  5. Hey. I asked for the Jimmy Rollins on May 6, 2020. I'm fine with sending now or saving in case I get another one. Thanks.

    Brendan Hart
    2125 Fifth Ave. #22
    San Diego, CA