Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 3 of 7 - End of year MegaContest!

Instructions and Day 1 - If you don't follow the instructions, your entry may be invalid!
Day 2
quick recap: 1 entry for the contest (not each day, total!), you choose which prize you want to enter for by leaving a comment on that post(there will be 7 total!).  1 extra entry for pimping.

Here is the Day 3 Prize:
75 serial #'d cards!
Here is a sampling...
 And all 75 in their shiny glory!
Click for bigger and comment to enter for this prize!  And don't forget the rules!


  1. I'm in for this one as well (and should I be so lucky as to win, Night Owl can have all the Dodgers).

  2. I'm in for this one... That Robin Roberts is just too tempting, I'll also share the wealth from this pile if I win it... and I've also pimped here:
    but I'll reserve that entry for later

  3. I've posted a shout out here ( and I'll add a second entry to this group of cards.

  4. I'll go for this one. Thanks!