Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 1 of 7 - End of year MegaContest!

Today (Thursday) is the last day to get an extra entry for pimping!  Thanks!

Contest closes Friday Dec 16th at 10AM PST.  Make your selection before that!

Lots of writing below!!  Bear with me, it will be worth it, I hope.

Edit:  Links to other days prizes!
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OK, I have decided that I suck at blogging.  I don't write so good, or often enough or anything else to make people want to read.  But I do put on a mean contest/giveaway thingy.

So here is the deal.  Seven days, seven different prizes.  All you have to do to qualify is leave a comment on any of the seven posts saying you want to try for that post's prize.  Here is the catch: You can only sign up for 1 of the prizes!  So if you like today's prize, leave a comment and you will be entered for that drawing.  You can delete your comment on a post if you decide to try for another day's post.

One last wrinkle.  I have been running a Bash the Beckett trading page with a running trade of increasing Beckett value.  In that experiment, I stated that anyone who participated would get paid off in the end.  This is that time.  The bloggers who made trades on this program will automatically be entered for all seven of the prizes.  They can put in another entry just like everyone else as well.  ALSO:  When I the prizes, I will 1st randomize the order of the prizes to be given away.  Then I will random off each prize.  If the two 'special' entrants have not won prizes by the end, they will automatically win the last prizes.

So if you were a generous trader in the Bash the Beckett, you are guaranteed a prize!  This still leaves 5 prizes for the rest of you.

Here are the two awesome Bash the Beckett winners:
Captain Canuck of Waxaholic
AdamE of Thoughts and Sox

Pimping gets you ONE extra entry on a post of your choice (you can double up on a post if you want).  Leave a link if you want to take advantage of this.  People who commented on my last post also get a bonus entry, so Skroeker, Speigel and Night Owl, feel free to enter on 2 posts (or 3 if you pimp).

OK, so on with Day 1's prize... keep in mind that the more popular prizes will get more entries, lowering your chances of winning.

Day 1: 34 Will Clark's + 1 mystery vintage (pre-1980) Hall of Famer card.

Traded RC's and 'real' RC year




Mystery Vintage HOF'er!!!  This is not the actual card. Duh

Comment away!


  1. Don't sell yourself short. Will Clark is my all time favorite player so I don't even need to wait until the next post! Thanks.

  2. Pimped the blog:
    This'll be my entry for that bonus!

  3. Ill take a shot a will the thrill thank you

  4. I'd love the Will the Thrill's.