Friday, October 18, 2013

Catching Up

Many moons ago, there was a day devoted to Fathers, appropriately, if a little obviously, called Fathers Day.  Since I haven't blogged since then until recently, I thought I'd share what I got that day!

First up are these two HEAVY books:

These guys have pictures of every Topps card from every set for the decade.  Nice color, glossy pages, the whole shebang.  A foreword by Willie Mays in both.  It's the same foreword in both, and I doubt Willie really wrote it, but still cool.

The 50's book has Bowman sets in it too, even though Topps didn't own them way back then.  The wife found them at a garage sale for cheap.

Sappy alert!!!!!  Read below only if you are a sappy dad or like chick flicks.

But as cool as the books are, they aren't any better than the other literary works I received that day.

One from each of my three kids.  Thanks kids!  I love you!!

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