Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes - Doug Jones Dresses Up!

This is my entry into Round 1 of Nachos Grande's Blogger Bracket Contest!  Voting will be up soon and I will put a link to the voting page right here!

Upper Deck!  If you were around in the late 80's and early 90's, Upper Deck was a game changer.  The stock was different and felt 'new' somehow.  They had holograms to protect us from those pesky card counterfeiters and most importantly, the photography!  It was one of the things UD was best known for, and for good reason.  No more 'standing in front of the spring training dugout' shots.  Nope, we got three main new categories of beautiful photography.  Now we were treated to in game action shots, iconic close ups and best of all, quirky, behind the scenes candids!

Here are some examples.

In game action shot, iconic close up and quirky, behind the scenes candid

For this round, if you haven't guessed, I will be writing about an Upper Deck card!  And yes, it fit's one of the 3 new photography categories.

Is it an in game action shot???????


An iconic close up???????


So it must be quirky, a behind the scenes candid?

Yes!!  Here is the card:

Hi, my name is Doug Jones and I'm a videographer!

She's a beaut, eh?  Hairy, man-thing holds early 90's video camera behind rope fence.  Reminds me of those caveman car insurance commercials.  This card is crazy!  Like Halloween costume crazy.  So crazy that it made me wonder how this 'awesome photography' would fare in a costume.

Who says baseball cards can't wear a costume for Halloween??  And exactly what does a beautiful photograph on a baseball card wear for its costume??????  Why it wears other year's and brands of baseball cards!!  So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the 1993 Upper Deck Doug Jones photo in various costume's!  Enjoy!

Let's start it off with Doug sporting this classy and classic 1987 Topps design!
Perhaps filming Jose Canseco's first steroids injection?

Here we have Doug dressed up as a 1972 Topps card!

The 'Stros colors on Doug's arm really pop with this design

Doug puts on the vintage in this 1955 Bowman outfit!
The video camera seems out of place in this costume...

Doug goes all out with this one!  It's a 1998 Topps Gallery of Heroes insert suit!
The mullet really clicks on this one

Doug goes old school in a 1975 Topps theme.
Nice signature Dougie!

A brutal effort with this 1982 Diamond King outfit.  Doug was going for classic, but couldn't pull it off.
Terrible paint job Doug!

Doug brings a little class to the Halloween party in this 1983 Topps costume.
Two Doug's on one card?  Now that's class! Even if they're on different teams!

Doug is an All-Star!   Great costume from the 1970 Topps set.
How did Doug even fit into that costume???

I'm partial to the 70 Topps All-Star and the 98 Gallery of Heroes, but what do you think?  Which costume should Doug wear tonight to the party??  Leave me some comments and when voting opens, head on over to Nachos Grande and give me some support!!

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