Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Return to the Nickel Box

I recently went to my first card show in several months.  My first, and basically only, stop was at Bill's nickel boxes.  Sometimes they are junk, but other times I find gold.  I'll let you decide how I did this time.  Here are some of my finds!
I found a ton of serial numbered stuff, maybe 30 or more!  All of these are serial numbered except the Braves 4 Star Staff card in the lower right.  But that one has 3 future HOFers!

A little basketball!  The Laettner and Anderson are refractors.  I love finding old refractors.  The Robinson is an Electric Gold parallel and has a 20x multiplier in everyone's favorite magazine.  I had never seen the Electric Gold before.

And my last and probably favorite, this hammered Bo Belinsky / Jim Bouton RC.  I'll pick up 50 year old hammered cardboard for a nickel any day, but when I got home with this one, I found out it is a tough to find high numbered card.  At the risk of referencing Beckett twice in one post, this one carries an $80 price tag!

There was a lot more, but three scans is my limit today.  How'd I do?


  1. Any high number for 5 cents, good buy!

  2. Really good stuff, especially that Belinsky-Bouton card and the Strawberry-Hershiser rivals card!

  3. Definite win there. You can't beat a Jim Bouton rookie for a nickel.