Thursday, September 3, 2020

Inspired by Waiting Til Next Year

Inspired by this post by P-Town Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year, I recently purchased this Case Hit from 2020 Donruss.

Take a look at Tom's original post to see the stats and math, but basically, this particular card would be found, on average, in one out of every 2,304 packs.  Cool!  Rare!!! Even though it isn't numbered or anything...  It features:

Dodgers - Cody Bellinger
Giants - Evan Longoria
Padres - Fernando Tatis Jr
Rockies - Nolan Arenado
Diamondbacks - Ketel Marte

Even though I love anything rare, I have decided that I will not be keeping this card.  What I would like to do is to get one volunteer for each team represented on this card for a little battle, the winner gets the card! No skill necessary, and honestly, skill won't even help, it will be mostly luck.

If you want in, here is how to get in.  Send me an email (my email can be found in my blogger profile) stating which team you want to represent, and some kind of proof that you are an actual, bona fide fan of that team.  How do you prove it?  Any way you can, but some ways that come to my mind are:

1. A link to your blog, that is obviously somewhat dedicated to your team
2. A picture of you surrounded by team gear of your team
3. A convincing paragraph about your passion for your team
4. Something else!

First convincing proof in an email (not in a comment here, though comments are most welcome!) for each team will reserve your spot.  I will try to keep the teams claimed updated below:

Dodgers: None Yet!
Giants: None Yet!
Padres: None Yet!
Rockies: None Yet!
Diamondbacks: None Yet!

I guess we will see if any Rockies or Diamondbacks fans read here!

Once we have a player for each team, I will post a blog post with a couple of questions.  There are no wrong answers, but some might be 'righter' than others. The players can leave their answers in the comments, and based on those comments, a winner will be determined.  Clear as mud?  Don't worry, it will be easy.  So if you are a fan of one of the teams, and are interested in the card, please email me!!

Even though the card is 'rare', I will be shipping it in a PWE, so keep that in mind!


  1. I like your idea, but not sure how eager I am to have a card with a Padre, Giant and Diamondback on it, even in cartoon form. Some cards are so weird, they don't even think about fan bases.

    1. I wondered if you would try to be the Dodgers guy. Can't have every Dodger ever without this card!!

  2. I am not a fan of any of the teams but love the look of the card

  3. Cool card. I'm a Padres fan, but I feel like Gavin and Rod are way more diehard Padres fans than I am. I'll email them and let them know about this contest and this fantastic giveaway.