Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Recent incomings

Here is some stuff that had passed into my grubby hands over the last couple of weeks.  Always appreciated, thanks to all!

First up is a batch of cards that made the rounds across the country!  The story begins when Alex of Chavez Ravining posted some cards he didn't really need and asked if anyone wanted them.  I, being the Diamond King, jumped on the offer!  A couple of days/weeks/whatever later, Alex sent me an email explaining that he had sent the cards to the wrong blogger on accident, but that Matt from Diamond Jesters was going to keep the mail rolling and send them my way.  Wow!  As we all know, the blogging community is pretty cool that way, and Matt didn't disappoint!  And he included this note:

Here are the cards!!  Thanks to both Alex and Matt!

Those All-Time Diamond Kings may not be rare or special, but I really like them.  I'm probably going to go for the whole set someday.  The struggles of nostalgia!  That they are very plain, with one color backgrounds, strikes me as both good and bad.  I like the simplicity, but the lack of team logos always gets to me, and that combined with the single color backgrounds almost make the cards too simple.  Like a dimension is missing.  Oh well, I like them anyway.  The throwins of Martinez and Williams are very appreciated!  I love Pedro, feel like he is underrated.  I saw him on MLB TV today and his poor neck has ballooned a bit.  Getting old stinks.

Next up are my winnings from the most recent BFG over at Johnny's Trading Spot.  
These are pretty cool.  I love the one making fun of Topps, nice crossover.  And the Hungry Jerk one plays right into my pre-teen mentality.  'Buy it Stupid!'  LOL.

And last up, these three came from a Free Card Friday courtesy of Kerry from Cards on Cards.

Some pretty top flight cards here.  Any Trout is a good Trout right now, I have so few.  And my 13 year old son has decided he wants to learn to fish, so any Trout is probably a good Trout for him too.  I'm looking forward to spending time fishing with him.

The Embiid checks my boxes too, you all know how much I love colorful cards, and this one is both colorful and shiny.  Also my first Embiid, I have very few newer Basketball cards.

And probably my favorite card in the post, the die cut Durant!  Love die cuts, and even though both the Embiid and Durant are pretty much just copying late 90's stuff, it is still cool enough for me!

Thanks again to all!!


  1. Awesome cards! Love the Embiid and KD, along with the Sox. My wife saw Pedro on the MLB Network the other day and had a similar comment. She couldn't believe he'd gotten so heavy.

    I can't believe I wasn't following a fellow NJ card blogger before now, but I've added Alex to my list.

  2. Can't beat vintage Wacky Packages. I have "Buy It Stupid," love it!

    1. These were a first for me, but Johnny is spreading the love.

  3. Poor Foolsball = Another vintage WP added to my wantlist

  4. I'm not at all surprised to hear that Matt was willing to forward these to you, that's just what blog folk do!

  5. Diamond King, Diamond Jester - all we need is to find a Diamond Queen and Diamond Jack and we'll have our own little group! I'm glad the cards got to you alright!