Saturday, May 1, 2021

One long month

Well, its been a while!  Between extremely heavy work (14 hour days for the last 2 1/2 weeks!) and a much needed fishing vacation with my youngest son, I have not had much time for the blog yet again.  Have not posted since April 1st!!

Luckily, in the days since that post, I have received quite a few cards to talk about.  I have received... 

-A free stuff giveaway
-2! RAK packages
-2! Contest winnings
-And a few cards from my brother (which will all make it into a free stuff post someday soon)

Today, you get to see the RAK packages!  They are both from guys named Jeff, how's that for a theme?  And speaking of themes, both packages kind of had one!

First up, Jeff from Wax Pack Wonders threw me some great stuff from out of the blue!

Starting off, I got a super early Francisco Lindor and my third copy of the 1980 Topps Frank White!!  If you don't know, I will take all the copies of the White I can get, it has some sentimental value to me as it was the first card I remember trading for.

And here is the theme part of the package...
Juan Gone's!!!  Some beauties here!

And more Juan Gone's!!!
I am strongly considering going all in on Juan cards, and these are definitely a start in that direction.  Thanks Jeff!!!!

And not to be outdone, another completely different Jeff, this time from My Sports Obsession sent me this awesome stuff!  Jeff took his inspiration from my recent-ish posts about players I only have on card of in my keeper collection.  Jeff set out to remedy that situation.  All of these players showed up in those posts, but no longer!

I didn't even know what these first 5 cards were, but it turns out they are stickers!  Love em!

Oooh, vintagey stuff.  Can't ever argue with that!  And I think I specifically called out  that 76 JR Richard as one I was interested in.
And we finish up with a bevy of latin shortstops!!  All are amazing, but to get a 1960 Topps card of a HOFer?  For free!!  Thanks a ton for the entire package Jeff, and I am impressed by your attention to detail.

This has me wondering if all the Jeff's got together and took pity on the poor Diamond King.  If so, I appreciate it!


  1. 14 hour days? Yikes. Glad you were able to go fishing with your son. Did you catch a lot of fish?

    1. Yeah, when the disaster at work hit, it was all hands on deck. And by all hands, I most ly mean me. But the fishing was great, we caught about 30 total between us. Which is amazing for such novice fishermen!

    2. That's awesome! If I had to guess, I'd say I've never caught 30 fish in my lifetime. The over/under is probably around 10.

  2. Solid haul and welcome back!

  3. If you do officially start collecting Juan, I'll have a couple of cards for you.

  4. So many great cards! The J.R. Richard in the warmup jacket is my favorite. And all Altuve and Mookie are good. Fun post.