Friday, May 7, 2021

More catch up from April

More catch up from my brutal month of April...

Julie of A Cracked Bat sent me some really cool stuff from her pick pockets page.  Always awesome and always appreciated Julie!

1. An 'Unleashed' rip off of a Wheaties box!!  I love it!
2. Who doesn't love Taco Tuesdays???
3. *Nice, partially transparent card of a great guy.
4. My first card of last falls breakout star!
5. *The 'Can' himself, when combined with Expos red, white and blue, makes for pure awesome.
6. *A shiny 2008 Joseph P. Mauer.

Those with *'s are guys that I have contemplated making more of a focus in my collection over the years.  Never quite pulled the trigger, because I am not really interested in every single base card and boring insert of them.  But I do enjoy the odd cool looking card of each of them when the opportunity presents itself!

And then I received two different contest winnings packages from none other than Kerry of Cards on Cards!!  This first scan is part of a package he sent to 'complete' my earlier winnings from the Super Bowl contest he held:

Lots of shiny, and lots of young studs!!  And somewhat out of place with all these young guys, a McGwire I needed!!

That Luis Robert card is kind of cool.  Super thick, and the circular area is set in dep in the card under some acetate material.  Nice!  Too bad he's injured...

On to the next contest winnings package from Kerry!  This one was for winning his NCAA tournament  challenge!  I have no idea how I won either of them, but I was thrilled!

First up, Kerry knows I am the Diamond King, and the package was loaded with new DKs of today's studs:

And then, Kerry definitely hit a spot on my wantlists that has been getting less attention lately, my 'every Shawn Kemp RC' section!
Woohoo!!  I am now up to 45 Upper Deck, 93 Hoops and 28 Fleer.  Keep em coming!

And, of course, since Kerry is a Cardinals guy, he had some more McGwire's laying around for me!!

Well, those three scans were actually the throw ins from Kerry, the main prize was a blaster of 2021 Heritage!!

I pulled 3 high number SP's, a couple of inserts and actual rookie cards, which I usually have to pick up in cheapie boxes because I don't buy wax. And just a lot of very cool cards.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Ironically, a few of these Heritage cards are headed back to Kerry as part of the package I am sending him soon.  Thanks a ton Kerry and Julie!!


  1. The purple Oil Can from Julie.

    The Luis Robert and Tatis Heritage from Kenny.

    The DeGrom IA should be him yelling at his teammates to score some runs.

  2. Kemp's 1990 Fleer rookie card is sweet! Very Jordanesque.

  3. Nice! It's always fun to see what people pull out of those blasters.

    The Fleer Kemp RC is the best. Usually that Fleer set doesn't stand up as well to the others.

  4. I'm not one for minor league cards, but even I enjoy Taco Tuesdays!