Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Gotta do a post

I've not been posting as often lately, so I figured I'd do a quick, one card post.  So I went and grabbed all of my Will Clark cards and chose my favorite!

I could have chosen a RC or a jersey card, but what I ended up choosing was this 2001 Pacific Private Stock - Silver Portraits

It's incongruous to me to have my favorite 'Will The Thrill' be of him on the Cardinals.  Not that I dislike the Cardinals, they may be my favorite MLB team.  But Will is supposed to be a Giant, plain and simple!

The dark gray borders and foil lettering on this card are actually a light and shiny silver in real life.  Bad scanner.  I have always liked art-like cards, and the canvas look to this one grabs my eye.  I wasn't collecting when these came out, but I imagine they weren't cheap for back in the day.

Thanks for reading, I have a little more substantial post coming up soon!


  1. I remember Clark talking about holding up at first on a should-be double so Kevin Mitchell wouldn't be intentionally walked. This was in '89 when Mitchell had a red hot first half and there was talk he could make a run at 61.

  2. I completely tuned out of Clark's post-Giants career back then. Someone sent me a batch of cards of him playing for Texas, and I was like....he was on the Rangers??

  3. Didn't know he was a cardinals lol

  4. As a Bay Area guy... Clark will always be a Giant. That being said... I remember his days with the Rangers and Orioles. Cardinals? Nope. That makes this a cool card.

    I'd have to sift through my collecting to pick a proper favorite, but off the top of my head... there are two cards of his I've always liked...

    A. 1986 Mother's Cookies - I went to the game and was so stoked to get this card. It was probably a Top 5 card in my collection at the time.

    B. 1987 Topps - Great design. Nice photograph of the lefty first baseman.

    1. Good stuff on the 86 and 87. That 87 is a classic.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes it is, thanks for asking. But not as crazy as it was a bit ago, I can breathe a little now.

  6. Nice little challenge! I've participated, too: https://baseballeverynight.blogspot.com/2021/06/a-z-everyone-else-is-doing-it-so-why.html