Monday, January 24, 2022

More fun with dimes

 Yet another look at some stuff I grabbed at a card show...

Football first, then basketball, then some random stuff before finishing off with baseball!

Many of these probably look like standard Dime Box fare to many of you, but to me, these are just awesome!  Rice as a Raider is fun, and the junk wax insert of him is cool too.  A RC of the current 'scariest defender' for a dime seems like a steal, even if nobody's cards are worth much in football except quarterbacks and running backs.  Base cards of Brady are not something I see for cheap anymore.  And those QBs on the bottom row are a lot of fun!  In fact, the Brady checklist card on the bottom right is probably the most 'valuable' card in this scan.
These two McGradys were pretty impressive finds for me in a dime box.  The Topps card with Kobe was going for an inflated price for a while when Kobe-mania was going on, so I am happy to have one.  And the Mosaic Jam Masters Silver really pops!

And now for a brief intermission for some non-sports cards.

These are 1992 Little Debbie Presidents cutouts.  Like most cutouts, they are in various conditions, none of them mint.  I grabbed them hoping someone would want them.  Let me know if you are interested!  Funny thing, when I was looking these up on COMC to see what year they were from, I noticed that someone has marked some of these as PRC or Pre-Rookie Cards.  Kind of hilarious!

Next up is a nice Muhammad Ali from 1991 All World Boxing.  Pretty cool, and also available for trade.

And finally on to the baseball!  First up, it is hard for me to pass up colorful parallels in the dime boxes.  Like this first scan below.  After I got home, I looked at to see which of these 2020 Donruss parallels were more or less rare.  And that's when I got kind of sick.  Turns out Panini just throws TONS of parallels out there, not necessarily more or less rare depending on color.  I'm sure most of you already know that kind of thing, but I never buy packs.  Seems like the least imaginative way to add variety to the product.  Lazy.  I'd definitely welcome other perspectives, I obviously have no real experience here!

Anyway, I initially thought that some of these cards might have made my keepers, but now I just am not feeling it!  So these are available too!

I almost always willing to pick up base cards from premium sets when I find them in a dime box.  These four fit the bill!  I did not even notice the writing on the Bobby Doerr when I grabbed it.  I can't tell if someone actually tried to fake a signature, or if it was pressed against another card and ink came off.  Very weird.

Some more dimes of interest...

Blake Snell - I'm starting to accrue a few of these Holiday variations.  Don't know how many more I need, but for a dime...
Don Mattingly - Decent old school insert
Tony Gwynn - I will gladly take any 93 or 94 finest, especially stars
Roger Clemens - Weird colors on this set.  Cool!
Randy Johnson - See Clemens above.  Randy looks pretty young here.
Max Fried - Just thought this was nice.  Don't have much Fried, and this is pretty shiny
Juan Soto - A very nice 2019 Fire parallel of one of my favorite youngsters
Cody Bellinger - I don't even know what this is.  It has a rainbow finish, is not serial numbered.  Dime boxes, you get what you pay for, I guess!
Albert Pujols - I guess this is the Blue Chip parallel?  Seems nice.

And some more...

Fernando Tatis Jr. - This is a 2021 Panini Donruss - Livestream Silver #d /349.  To find this in a dime box really surprised me.
Yadier Molina - I have been envious of all the Molina refractors Kerry at Cards on Cards shows all the time, so was thrilled to grab these two.
Juan Soto - Another card that was strange to find in a dime box.  This is some kind of rainbow foil from 2021 Topps.  Scanned brightly!
Clayton Kershaws - Three great parallels!
Interleague Preview - Old Topps Chrome with 2 HOFers!
Lou Brock - 1973 Hall of Famer.  Give me this, you can have my dime!
Ichiro Suzuki - 2006 Flair Showcase.  Nice set, and I love Ichiro.

Another good show in the books!


  1. Great selection of cards from dime boxes. Dime boxes are some of the first things I go towards at shows. I would be interested in those Little Debbie Presidential cards (I am a big history buff especially presidential history), the two Pujols and Mattingly Donruss cards. Thanks!

  2. Nice find. I especially like the Donald rookie, Brady Masterpiece, and the Warner.

  3. Nice finds, especially the 1973 Lou Brock for a dime. My 1979 Lou Brock is from a dime box too.

  4. Some excellent dime box finds there! I, too, am a sucker for high-end singles in dime boxes - I take a special thrill in finding those. Rare to see Tatis in a dime box, much less a numbered one!

    (Also, I'd take any of those baseball Donruss parallels that aren't already spoken for!)

  5. A 1973 Brock for a dime? Wow. I would have taken it for granted it was a reprint if you hadn't said anything.

    The other stand-out for me is the 49ers Rice card.

  6. Doerr was a prolific through the mail signer through his last days and I presume someone sent him a card where the autograph didn't stick to the surface.

    FWIW - he also lived in Oregon

  7. I'd be happy to take any of the Kershaw color borders off your hands. ... I love colored border parallels way more than I should. Be even I think Panini has gone off the deep end with them.

  8. People will attach the PRC moniker to just about anything on COMC if it means that they can hike up the price on whatever it is that they're trying to peddle.

  9. Some really cool stuff for a dime. In all my years I've never found a 1994 Finest Gwynn in a dime box... and I've rummaged through my fair share of dime boxes.

  10. I love that Brady masterpieces. The Ali is pretty sweet too. And a 73 Brock for a dime? Wow.