Monday, August 15, 2022

Another show report

 Here are a bunch of scans from a recent card show!  Very random, but I will try to give some color...

This first scan was from several different dealers and different price points.  The Niekro was a dollar and the bottom row was 'probably?' 50 cents.  The rest were dimes.  Don Mossi for a dime!  Numbered LaSorda for a dime (even if it's an ugly card)!  Fun stuff.  The Fred Lynn reminds me of the first All Star game I really paid attention to.  I was rooting for the NL, but Lynn hit a grand slam, and the AL rolled.  Good times.  The old timers Rice is cool, and the Miggy is numbered /45.

Now some randomness:
Yep.  I'm not really a Pirates fan, but I still paid dimes for these.  Guess that's what happens when old oddballs fall into my lap!

Speaking of dimes, I found a small dime box with a bunch of brand new youngsters.  Check these out.
Yep, Julio Rodriguez and Wander Franco for a dime.  But I am probably more excited about the others.  I don't often get to add semi-hot rookies to my collection until after the hotness has worn off.

The next three cards, I grabbed for dimes just on a whim as I sped through the boxes.  Didn't realize it, but they appear to be box bottoms.  Blank backs.

I'm going to transition to my basketball purchases, and this awesome dime box find is a perfect way to do it!  When I saw this card for sale, it made me laugh, and the dealer got my dime.  Pretty funny, but I do feel bad for poor Amed Rosario who has 'transitioned' into LeBron.

I only grabbed about 20 basketball cards, all from 20 cent boxes, but many of them turned out to be great deals!  Quite a few of the cards in this scan seem to sell in the "few dollars" range, not the 20 cent range.  I really had to work for these though, the vast majority of the cards in these 20 cent boxes were pretty junky.

At most card shows, I get into a bit of a feeding frenzy in the cheap cards, and buy some dupes by mistake.  Here are the dupes I grabbed this show.  And yes, the Niekro from the first scan was one of them.  

Why don't we reward any of you who have slogged through this mess of a post by offering these 6 dupes up to you readers**.  Claim in the comments!  Also, please take more than one, I'd rather not use 6 stamps to get these out to you!  I'm a cheapskate!


  1. J-Rod and Wander for a dime? Insanity! Nice haul here. Those Pirates oddballs are quite cool.

  2. Wow some fantastic deals! Great giveaway too but I'll let others grab first.

  3. Mossi for a dime wins it.

    I have the Niekro.

    I'll take Griffey Jr. and Tatis the bad boy please.

  4. I'm not letting that Niekro escape, I will claim (sorry, just the one, basketball doesn't register with me).

  5. Not claiming anything, but I have to mention that I picked up a '68 Niekro for about a buck at the last show I attended, too!

  6. You got a '57 Mossi for a dime? What!? Congrats, I mean. :)

  7. Love the 2009 OPC baseball design. Love the fact that those are blank backs even more.

  8. You definitely did well. Julio for a dime is surprising.

  9. If there are still spots available, I would be interested in the O'Neill Cruz and "LeBron. James" cards. Email me for my new address.

  10. I never knew Jim Rice played in the Senior League!

  11. I'll claim the 3 basketball cards if no one else wants them!

    1. And congrats on some nice pick ups from those dime boxes too!

  12. That's the first Wander Franco I've seen anyone find in a dime box - seems like so long ago now when everyone was flipping out over his rookies!

  13. Great grabs on the rookie stars!