Saturday, August 6, 2022

Too Many Elliptical Breakdowns

 I need to do a catch up on incoming cards from awesome bloggers!  I received cards from three different bloggers, for three different reasons. One was contest winnings, one was a trade and one was just a RAK!

Elliptical Man - RAK

I posted about how I liked Spud Webb, and BOOM, 4 days later, these three Spuds showed up in the Mail.  Now that's nice!

Thanks Brendan!

Gavin - Contest winnings

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown has been holding contests most of the summer where you have to guess the serial number of a card.  Since that is basically a game of luck, and not skill, I figured I had a chance, and yep, I won!!  Here are the cards I won:

I enjoy (and want) all older refractors, and the 2004 Topps Chrome refractors are especially nice, especially the Black.  The cool Griffey Mega Metal is a Gavin custom, and I knew I had to have it!  The Munson is a Burger King version, always appreciated, and the Dawson is from the 2003 Topps Retired set.  Thanks a bunch Gavin!

But that's not all.  In true Gavin fashion, he added another custom!!!  An awesome Griffey, front and back scanned to show the attention to detail (the back scan has the back of the other Griffey custom for comparison).

Dennis - Trade

And last but not least, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders put up a 1991 Topps Desert Shield card for trade, and I pounced on it!  I sent him some more Verlanders to make sure his blog name stays accurate, and he sent both the Desert Shield card as well as a sweet numbered Randy Johnson Diamond Kings card (in keeping with MY blog name).  Thanks a ton for the trade Dennis!


  1. Nice adds! Always like Gavin's custom work

  2. Love the MegaMetal custom by Gavin! And it's always nice to be the recipient of a Desert Shield card.

  3. I only vaguely remember Scott Ericson, but you can't wrong with a Desert Shield!

  4. You beat me to that Dawson, haha. Congrats on the winnings and trades!