Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vintage, modern, non-sport, monstrosities and more!

 The most recent card show I attended resulted in me acquiring, shall we say, an eclectic bunch of cards.  Let's jump right in:  

The "Pressed Into Service" cards in the top row are commemorating non-pitchers putting in time on the mound.  Very cool!  Some of the position players I collect pitching!  These aren't worth much at all, but certainly have a place in my collection.  Out of the 10 card set, these three are the ones I would want the most.  The Stan Musial from this set isn't bad, but he isn't pitching in the photo, so not as good.  20 cents apiece.

The weird, rounded corner broder type cards in the middle row are fun.  I am sure I have seen them before, but who knows where.  Fun enough.

And three shiny Kershaws round out the scan.  Seems like I have been finding lots of funky Kershaws lately.

Byron Buxton rookie year insert.  Ripken reading a comic book.  Rogers Hornsby serial numbered Diamond King.  Yogi Berra insert.  And a Juan Soto RC??  Talk about an eclectic bunch of cards!

The Soto was in a dollar box.  When I got it home, I realized it is the Black version which seems to carry a little bit of a premium.  Cool.  I wonder when I will get my first Soto as a Padre card?

I grabbed all of these vintagey cards.  Turned out I already had all but the Cepeda and Bunning.  The Bunning is a sort of high number, so that's cool.

Remember all the Kemp RCs I have been getting at shows lately?  Well I did get a few more (not pictured), but the "Kemp highlight" of the day was when a dealer saw me coming and pulled me aside.  He said "I got something for you" and proceeded to rummage through his stuff for about 5 minutes.  Then he pulled out this:
Sweet, a Kemp auto!  Not certified, and possibly a fake, but who would fake a Kemp auto?  Comparing online, it looks to me like its probably legit.  Most likely a hurried in person signing.  But hey, for free, I was very happy to take it!

What the heck are these???  Well, they are obviously some strangely conceived set of Ken Griffey Jr. from 1989.  They kind of look and feel like photographs.  No borders and a little smoother than most cards would feel.  Here is how the backs look.
I got 14 of the 16 cards in this strange set.

Now for something totally off the wall!!

What in the world is that???  Well first, how I got it...

The same dealer that gave me the Kemp RC has had this monstrosity in his 'higher end' cards for several months.  I always take a look at it, but since it is an obvious fake mess, that's as far as it has gone.  Well this time, I had a stack I wanted him to price for me, and I grabbed this Trout as well.  His eyes lit up and said, "Oh, you want that thing?"  I quickly assured him that I didn't really want it (assuming he was wanting actual money for it), but that I was interested in how much he would charge if someone was.  He replied that if I paid $10 for the stack, he would throw it in.  Since I would have been willing to pay that for the stack anyway, I took it!

Anyway, let's look closer at this beast.  On the front, I think we have parts of a 2021 Topps Chrome card, some refractory border and probably an old holo sticker from 80s Fleer?  Not sure where the pic of Trout himself comes from, maybe one of you do.  The shiny plastic thingies by Trout definitely add to the effect!

For the back, they used the back of a 2018 Optic card.  Then marked it 1 of 1 and signed it, I assume the creator's signature?  And of course, slammed it in a HUGE one touch holder.

And even more, the one touch holder has been sealed with some sort of sticky, sparkly stuff.  Take a look:

I'm sure I could break it open, but I decided not to.  Now this thing takes up way too much space with all my other Trout Keepers!

OK, this post has gone on long enough, but it was that kind of show!  Last up are some non-sports.  These are from the 1966 Topps Batman series.
I got around 25 of these cards.  So so condition, but kind of fun.  Anyone interested in trading for these?

Here are a couple of the backs:

I wish all card shows were as entertaining as this one.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I swear I just saw that Griffey Jr at the beach card a few days ago for the first time. Now twice in one week!

  2. Now that's some variety. Cool stuff! (Except that Trout, looks like someone got carried away making an art card during the pandemic).

  3. Kemp auto wins it. Some nice '70s cards though.

  4. 1991 Upper Deck California Angels hologram sticker on the Trout.

  5. Those Card Collectors Company Griffeys are really quite adorable. And arguably "rookie cards". Nice.

  6. I'd be leery of a dealer who was even trying to sell that Trout.