Thursday, October 20, 2022

Mail is the best

 Hard to argue with getting cards in the old mailbox.  Sure beats bills and junk mail!  And like many of you, one of the main sources of cards in the mail lately has been Johnny!  Here's a couple of great PWEs that came my way from him lately.

1995 PKK Ken Griffey Jr. set 1-10 (card #10 not scanned)

Yep, I got a complete set in a PWE!  Don't remember that ever happening before.  And of course, anything Griffey is always welcome here.  That card in the lower right, I can't decide if he looks happy or like he's about to attack and eat some small children.

The other batch also contained Griffeys, but had other baseball player dudes as well.

McGwires I actually need!!  That's getting harder to find these days.  The Maris is awesome, I love it.  And that Vladdy Jr RC is super appreciated!  It's like Johnny knows what I like...

Well, thanks for dropping in, and go check out Johnny's giveaways!


  1. Glad you like. I mailed out another PWE today for winning last night. Next win I'll have to scour up some Macs for you.

  2. That Griffey set is really great. Someday I'll get one of my own.