Thursday, October 27, 2022

Reggie and Johnny

 The other day Johnny shared a bunch of wrappers on his blog (a ton!), and one of them was a wrapper for a Reggie bar, the 70's era Reggie Jackson inspired foodstuff.  I mentioned over there, that I had a Reggie wrapper too, and that I would show it on my blog.  But first...

Here are a couple of PWEs Johnny has sent me lately!!

Bunches of new Gallery and Chrome!  And that super shiny, numbered Ruiz looks nice.  My fave though, is the minor league card of the caveman, pre-beard!  A Johnny from Johnny!

Next batch...
Woah, Cardinal heavy!!  I love them all!!  Pooj and Big Mac are two of my all time favorites, and the Ozzies are excellent.  

In fact, that Pinnacle Ozzie in the upper left is my first copy of the base version of that card.  I already have the Sunburst and Artist's Proof versions of it.
Old timey rainbow!!

And since you have stuck around so long, here is the Reggie wrapper, flattened and mounted around some thin cardboard:

It is actually a different wrapper than the one Johnny showed.  I guess there were different versions or something.  Here are pics I found on the internet that shoe the differences between Johnny's and mine:

Johnny's - Redder and 1.4 oz.

Mine - Oranger and 1.5 oz.


  1. That base Ozzie Smith almost looks like the foil board version of the card.

    1. I didn't even know there was a foilboard version, but now that you say that, it looks like you may be right. I STILL may not have the regular base card!

  2. I enjoyed those Reggie bars back in the day.

  3. Both of those wrappers are cool... and each have their own characteristics that make them special:

    A. I like Johnny's because it uses a better photo of Reggie (in my humble opinion). I like how the bat is parallel to the Clark logo and the name of the candy bar.

    B. I like yours because it gives off a vintage vibe and just looks like it's something from my childhood.

  4. Love those Ripkens. He's the only player I PC (more of a set builder).