Monday, October 24, 2022

We the people /76

 The latest card show was all about the quarter boxes, I found some great stuff.  But I also found about 40 cards in dime boxes.  Here is the only one I will show, a beautifully purple Max Scherzer numbered to 299.

On to the the quarters!!  I grabbed at least 100 cards out of the quarter boxes, here are a few highlights I found.

Lovely cards, one and all, and definitely worth the quarters.

Here's where we finally get to the title of the post.  The top three cards here are "Stars N Stripes" and "We the People" parallels, each numbered out of 76.  These seem quite popular, and command a bit of a premium, so I was ecstatic to find them in a quarter box.

The bottom row isn't too bad either.  The Rice is #/50, the Cabrera is a beautiful prizm, and the Alcantara is #/60.

These basketball and football cards were also quarters.  
Very fun stuff, it's not every day you can get a second year LeBron for a quarter.  Also, not pictured, I found 7 more Shawn Kemp Fleer RCs.

And the card of the show for me, was this sweet Kent Tekulve auto!  It wasn't a quarter, but it was only a dollar. 
And here's the back!


  1. those are some solid dime and quarter box gets! and a numbered, certified teke auto for a buck! awesome!

  2. Steals! Great job with your pickups here

  3. I'm liking that Tekulve for a buck. Nice find.

  4. I'd grab those too (the baseball only). Nice pick ups.

  5. Teke auto for a dollar? Score! Love the Chrome Schwarber mini as well.

  6. Whoa. Nice finds. I thought the Scherzer refractor was the find of the day... until you showed off that Teke.

  7. I love dime boxes and I won't turn the chance to go through quarter boxes either. One never knows what treasures will be in either. Awesome finds on your behalf!

  8. Holy moley, certified Kent Tekulve auto for a dollar! Wowsers. Those Mad Max cards are really sweet, too.

  9. Pippen and Young are tops for me. I've never seen that insert set that Steve Young is on, which just makes it that much cooler.