Friday, May 5, 2023

Stuff in the mail

 I went through a bit of a drought on getting cards in the mail.  But that has ended due to three packages in the last week!

First up is a PWE from gcrl.  I had mentioned that I didn't have any Julio Urias RCs, and poof, these just showed up!

These 2 cards had the honor of being the first 2 cards I added to my card database using a new tool that I created.  That's just a tease, I will post about it soon!

Thanks a bunch for filling that Urias sized hole in my collection gcrl!

And I won some stuff from Johnny!  As has been the pattern lately, I got some Diamond Kings.  Good variety and players.

And as a bonus, Johnny sent this!
I love it!!  But strangely, even though I have been all over my home state, Walla Walla is someplace I have never been.  I guess I better listen to Alf and get my butt over there.  Thanks Johnny!

And Night Owl makes an appearance too.  He claimed some freebies from me a while back, and must have felt the need to reciprocate.  And boy did he!

Some great variety here.  Love old Finest, and that Gwynn is wonderful.  And getting McGwires I need in the mail???  That almost never happens!!

On to some shine and some RCs:
Three players I definitely collect, all refractory.  Great stuff.  And we finish off with a couple of PED users, lol!  But RCs I want and need, thanks a bunch Greg!!

Keep em rolling in!!


  1. I drove through Walla Walla once; didn't see anything worth going back for though.

  2. I been stockpiling ... the recent show helped, too.

  3. That ALF card is awesome! Gotta look into that set.