Wednesday, May 3, 2023

a show

 Quick card show report here.  This show wasn't great.  Which really stunk, because I was supposed to go bargain hunting for Matt who won my Card Show Cheapie contest.  Don't worry, I found him some stuff, but it was definitely a down show.

Let's go Football, Basketball then Baseball!

Football - These 3 cards make me happy!!

The Taylor is just a BEAutiful card.  And from my research, it looks like this insert set is quite sought after.  As much as I like looking at it, this is one of only 2 cards in the post that is up for trade.... shoot me an offer!   The Sanders caught my eye in a dime box.  Barry is probably my favorite footballer of all time, so it was a no brainer.  And another stunning card, the Wilson is even better looking than the scan shows.  Too bad he stinks now that he's a Bronco.  But that's probably why I could afford the card in the first place.

Basketball - one card, the newly crowned MVP!
This is a card that I don't know much about.  Some sort of Black Prizm Refractor from the 2022/23 Panini Prizm Monopoly set.  The only 2 on right now are a LeBron, sale price $107 and a Kristaps Porzingis for $15.  Seems a bit high, but if you are interested, this is the other card that is available for a trade.  Let me know if you are interested.

Baseball - I grabbed about 40 baseball cards at he show.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Sweet shot of Ichiro, even if it is 'just' a base card.  I'd like to get my hands on a refractor of this.  Old Row 0 insert of Boggs was a good deal.  My first Nomo RC!  And three great looking cards on the bottom row.

And I found some more nice Griffeys.  My favorite dealer charged me 50 cents each for these.
Some of them are quite nice!  The Authority Figure is serial numbered /1750, I think.  I've always liked the cool Pacific inserts, and the lightning really looks great.  That Topps Tek is one of the difficult to figure out patterns, but I think it might be one of the little more valuable ones.  Not sure I care enough to put in the effort to find out.  And the one with a map in the background is a "Eyes of the World" insert, and I think it is pretty great.

So for a so-so show, I guess I did pretty good!


  1. Bummer on the show quality, that will burst the hope balloon.

    I still need that Kershaw Aces card, but it might be coming to me from someone. Otherwise I'd offer the Rutschmann/Carroll Bowman cards for it!

  2. So-so show or not, I'm grateful nonetheless!

  3. Barry is one of my all-time favorite football players (who didn't play for either the Packers or Seahawks) too. That Chicken card is sweet!

  4. At least you didn't leave empty-handed :)