Tuesday, May 30, 2023

All I blog about is shows

 Sometimes it seems like all I blog about is card shows.  Must get tedious for my readers, right?  If I was a better human, I would try hard to fix that, but I am not, so here is another card show post!!

This show was all about dime and quarter boxes.  I had to search hard, and in one case, negotiate, but I ended up finding a lot of quirky and fun stuff.

Let's start up with some wonderful dime box baseball:

That top row might not be knocking it out of the park 'value' wise, but I really like all three cards.  The second row, at least to me, DOES knock it out of the park 'value' wise.  Miggy pre-RC looks somewhat valuable on COMC, and an Arenado and Verlander RC for a dime?  Sign me up for that!  And the last card in the scan used to be worth $20 at your local card shop, but the deadline on the MVP Buyback program was March.  Still, I was tickled to find this in a dime box.

Now some dime box basketball.  I found pretty much every star card from this NBA Jam Session set sitting in a dime box.  I hate trying to store these cards, but I always liked them anyway.  These 6 are a few favorites I pulled out to scan.

And finally, some dime box  weirdness:
I guess these were giveaways at the National?  I don't pass up Jordans and some of these others for dimes, so when I found all five of the cards from this set in there, I grabbed them.  Anyone interested in these?  I will not be keeping them.

On to quarter box finds...I came upon a guy with a box marked as "$1 - 75% off".  That seemed a little vague to me, so I asked if it meant these were originally $4 and were now $1, or if they were originally $1 and were now quarters.  He was pretty confused, but decided that they should be dollar cards.  I looked through a few and didn't find much I wanted at a dollar, so I started to walk away.  He called me back and said that he'd give anything in there to me for a quarter.  Since that made it much more worth my time, I went through the whole box, and was glad I did.

He had a TON of Royals in there, that might have been worth something once, but now were less interesting.  Many, many serial numbered cards of Whit Merrifield, Alex Gordon and Billy Butler.  Those didn't really catch my eye.  But almost 2 years ago, I blogged about deciding that I wanted to build up a little collection of Zack Greinke.  And there were a ton of him that I liked in there!

These are nine of the 28(!!!) Greinkes I added from these quarter boxes.  Suffice it to say, that my Greinke collection is no longer lacking.  All of the cards I grabbed were serial numbered, usually low numbers, or nice refractors.

And here are a few Non- Greinke cards from this box:

A different quarter box yielded a ton of cards of another player I have been trying to build up a small collection of, Larry Fitzgerald. 

Shockingly, all of these are numbered under 299 and were all quarters.  Now I just need a nice RC of Larry and I will feel good about my Fitzgerald collection.

And to finish it off, a couple of non-quarter bargain vintage cards I picked up.

The Martin was $5, which might not be a steal, but I was happy.  The Mays is a 1969 Globe Imports Playing Cards - Gas Station Issue.  Don't know much more than that, but I love playing days Mays anywhere I can get them.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Serial numbered cards for a quarter is always a winner.

    1. Hear, hear! And a Verlander rookie for a dime is fantastic.

  2. Oh my gosh, 93-94 Jam Session really brings me back. I remember opening a few of those from my Christmas stocking in 1993 (30 years ago...chripes). The colors and full body photography were great....it's just storing the dang things!

  3. Nice pickups but totally agree cards the size of those Jam Sessions are a pain to store. Reminds me of the NFL Gameday cards. I hate storing them.

  4. Great pickups! I am hoping that I have some success at an upcoming card show that I am going to. I like the Bogues and Bradley cards from Jam Session. I have a basketball card of players who are 5'11" and under and over 7'.

  5. Nice to find that Judge in a dime box!

    I too am a bit of a Zack Greinke collector; he is one of my all time favorite players and on both my fantasy teams.

    If no one else wants them, I'd be interested in the Prominent Cuts Jordan, Gretzky, and Woods. I guess I'd like to add a bit of oddity to my collection.

  6. solid additions to your collection! i wish greinke had remained a dodger as i enjoyed picking up his cards during his tenure (sweet archives parallel by the way).

  7. I'm not surprised that the Jam Session's would be in a dime box, because very few people seem to like them, but I am surprised that a dealer would've even bothered to bring them to a show.

  8. Giving Johnny's Trading Spot and Dime Box Nick some competition for best deals of the year. Great stuff.

  9. Judge for a dime? Great pickups!