Monday, April 22, 2013

$1600 On the Bay - Bat Around!

There's a new Bloggers Bat Around going on!  This one was started over at Drop the Gloves, a mostly hockey blog.  Well, I'm not much of a hockey guy, but it is a good blog and I'm always up for a Bat Around!  The topic this time is what would you buy today if you had $1600 to spend on Ebay?

Here's my answer, in the order that chose to upload my pictures:

1965 Topps Steve Carlton RC - $239.00
 I had this card as a kid, but it was stolen.  I miss it.  I want it back.

1970 Topps Thurman Munson RC - 42.50
 I love his more iconic 1972 card, but I still need the RC... total so far - $281.50

2002 All Time DK Set - $84.95
 I have a loooong way to go on all the cool Diamond Kings insert sets from the early 2000's.  Better get started while I have this $$!  Total so far - $366.45

Mark McGwire 93 Finest Refractor - $100.00
 Nuff said.  Total so far - $466.45

McGwire/Sosa Ultimate Patches - $70.00
 Another McGwire.  Hmm.  Great patches, and a time I remember fondly.  I don't care if they are scum!!  Plus, this would be the perfect capper to my SCAM Project!!  Total so far - $536.45

1969 Topps Decals Mickey Mantle - 19.99
 So cool, and cheap!!  Total so far - $556.44

1984 Fleer Update Dwight Gooden - $20.00
 This set is one of the few that you have to pay book value no matter what.  I wanted this card since I was a kid.  Total so far - $576.44

1967 Topps Rod Carew RC - $185.00
 Here's a biggie for me. This is the only Carew from his playing days that I don't have.  It's a high number and tough to find.  Not the most appealing to the eye though...Total so far - $761.44

1973 Topps Mike Schmidt RC - $100.00
 Another that isn't the prettiest card, but I gotta get it someday!!  It's cheap because it's not mint.  See next card for more of that!  Total so far - $861.44

1954 Topps Hank Aaron RC - $599.99
 This was the first card on my list.  I'd love to get any copy of this, no matter how hammered.  It's my white whale.  I've seen better condition for less money in the past, but this was the best deal on the bay today.  Total so far - $1461.43

1968 Topps Reds lot, Bench RC - $40.00
 More beat up vintage.  Bench RC, woohoo!!  Total so far - $1501.43

1992 Bowman Mike Piazza RC - $15
 I had 2 copies of this card, but sent them to Dodgers bloggers who wanted them more than I did.  Well, now I want it back!!  total so far - 1516.43

2001 Donruss Diamond Kings Inserts set - $65.00
These are #'d /2500 each.  I want them.  Badly!!

So I totaled out at 1581.43.  In a 'real life' situation, I'd spend more carefully, but this was a fun exercise!  What would you buy???????

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  1. Great list.

    I used to have that Carlton rookie back in the day, too, and for some reason, I was obsessed with it. I think because he is a lefty and I've always been drawn to my kind. Also, the best part of that card is Ackley's unibrow.

    Want to cry a little? I had an Aaron rookie back around, geez, 1988. It would have graded out to about a 6 I think. Maybe 7. Anyways, I traded it. For what, you ask? Oh, y'know, just a TON of Mattingly, Strawberry, Boggs, McGwire, and other rookie cards. 12 year old me was an idiot. I will now light myself on fire.

    Speaking of rookies from the 80s that didn't retain value...a Gooden Fleer Update XRC is only $20 now?!!?! Jesus, I probably would have traded the Aaron straight up for one back in '87.