Monday, April 15, 2013

GCRL used the USPS, but no PWE

Got a package from GCRL!  I knew it was related to the Steroids Project, but had no idea of the specifics. It was definitely too large to fit in a PWE!

One of the main parts of the Project is to get a complete Topps Base run for each of the 8 different players in the project.  Well... before the package, I had 39 different Topps Base in the project.  (there are 152 total)  I now have 67.  Awesome, just awesome!  Thanks a bunch, Jim!

I was so excited that I sorted and put them all away without even scanning them.  I feel bad that you don't get to see a graphic representation of the bounty.  Oh wait, I did scan one!  In and amongst the base cards, Jim hid a little... hit!  A jersey card of suspected Steroids User, and Project Participant, Roger Clemens!!
Here it is and thanks a bunch to GRCL!  I'm working on your return package now.

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