Friday, April 12, 2013

A Junkie Package

I recently sent a few Griffey's to T.J. from The Junior Junkie.  He responded with a major Roid Rage Package for my SCAM Project!  When I say Roid Rage, I mean that the package was seriously pumped up!  It was bursting at the seams like Arnold Schwarzenegger's arms!  Seriously, there were probably 4 inches of cards stacked up, and all of them roiders.  Thanks a ton T.J.!

Here are a few of my favorites from the package:

Very diverse!  T.J. covered all 8 of the players in my project.  I'll be updating the individual pages to reflect what I have in the next couple of days.  I had not seen the Gold Leaf Stars set (Canseco) before, and the Record Setters set from 1987 really takes me back to my childhood.

There was also a bit of humor in the package, T.J. showed off his artistic side on these two Canseco's.  The art is on the plastic, not the card, like a true collector.
Bad Jose!

He also must have perused my wantlists, because he threw in this auto of Jose Uribe, R.I.P.
No, I'm not a Uribe collector, but I do collect auto's of deceased players.  Uribe not only died young, in a car crash at 47, but his wife died in childbirth at 27.  Rough life.

Sorry to end the post on a low note, but it was a great package anyway.  Thanks T.J., I will have more Griffeys eventually!

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  1. Glad you liked!

    I bought a box of 1995 Leaf Series 2, possibly my all-time favorite set. My hope was to pull a Leaf Gold Stars Griffey, one of the only '95 Leaf Griffeys I need. The odds of pulling a Gold Stars was 1:72, so odds were against me even getting one, but amazingly I pulled one. Sadly, it was stupid Canseco. Blech. What a waste.