Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OK, bring it on!

I have 2 projects going on right now that I need help with:

1. Weekly PWE Sendout Project
2. The Steroids Project, aka the SCAM Project

Project 1 - Weekly PWE Sendout Project
The last 2 weeks I have sent out a single PWE Bomb to a fellow blogger.  But that's not enough, obviously!  What I want to do is this:  Every week, I will send out at least one, hopefully more, PWE Bombs.  Sounds easy, but I have one problem.  I need addresses!

So here is what I need from you all!  Send me your address if you want to be Bombed.  Send them to kmattson2002 at yahoo dot com  If you want, include some types of cards you would like to be bombed with.   Vintage, certain sets, a favorite team, players, other types of cards, whatever.  Don't expect awesome, high dollar cards, but free cards, even cheapo ones are always cool, right??  Think dime box stuff here mostly.  And I have a card show this weekend, so if I hear from you before that, the dime boxes just might pay off for you!

Project 2 - The Steroids Project, aka the SCAM Project
 Now that I have set up pages for each player in the SCAM Project and a Main Page that links to each of them, its time to kick this project into a higher gear!

First, a big thanks to those who have already contacted me with offers.  I appreciate it and keep 'em coming!  And for the rest of you,  bring the offers on!  I need tons of your unwanted cards of these 8 cheating scoundrels!  Obviously, I want relics/autos of these guys, but I also need a ton of Topps base and cool inserts.  Take a look at what I have/need for each of them here.  Turn your hated cardboard of the steroids era into cards you actually want!  If I don't have anything you want now, I can probably find something, just let me know!

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