Saturday, December 19, 2020

Going all Elliptical on Football

In my 'Keeper' collection, I have a lot of baseball, a very good amount of basketball, and probably only about 600 football cards.  Which is weird, since I enjoy watching football more than either baseball or basketball.  And I do a yearly fantasy football league, but only sporadically get into leagues for the other sports.

Part of it is that Baseball cards were my first love and will always be my main collection.  Basketball was always my favorite sport to play, and I love the 90's craziness on basketball cards.  Football just doesn't hold up the same way for me in the collecting world.

That doesn't keep me from grabbing any football cards that strike me, it just seems to happen a lot less often.  On that note... 

Blog commenter extraordinaire Elliptical Man has held a lot of giveaways at his blog A View from the Third Floor.  Not a lot of people participate, which is a shame.  But it's good for me, because I got to win a free Gale Sayers card!!  Check it out:

The reason he was giving this away was that he had recently upgraded this copy into something nicer.  But I don't know, I'm pretty happy with this 'beat up' copy.  Specifically mentioned in the contest post was some writing on the back of the card.  This is it:
Not bad at all!  And at least they kept with the color scheme!

Also included in the envelope was this A&G McGwire I needed!  Excellent addition Elliptical Man!!

Elliptical Man, I'm hoping to have a PWE out to you very soon!

So back to football cards.  I have maybe 500 football cards that do not make it into my 'Keeper' collection, and that I would love to turn into something I am more interested in.  Anyone interested in some kind of trade?  I don't really want to piecemeal them out in 50 little trades, I'm more looking for someone who would like to make a trade for most or all of them.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of cards in the bunch. Maybe 30% of them? I tried to be fairly representative, so some of the cooler cards made these pics, as well as some of the 'less enticing'.

There are a lot of serial numbered cards in the lot.  Some 70s stuff.  Some late 90s inserts.  A little of everything.  Nothing that you can go flip for good money, of course, but a decent variety of cool stuff.

If you have any interest let me know.  I'm definitely not looking for a dollar for dollar trade here.  I'd even be willing to send them to you up front, assuming I have had previous dealings with you so I know I can trust you.  And let you send something back whenever you get around to it that you feel is an acceptable trade for you.

Best case scenario for me would be one or two bigger baseball or basketball cards. Not BIG big, medium big.  Not like an Olajuwon RC or Henderson RC, I'm not being silly. But even that may be unrealistic, so next best scenario would be some mess of cards off of my wantlists, or a smaller batch of baseball or basketball that is an eclectic mess like the football in this post.  That would at the least give me more trade fodder!

Feel free to comment or email me (email in my profile) if you want to set something up!  I'm not really certain anyone will want to take me up on this, so in a couple of days, if there are specific cards in these pics that you want, let me know and we can do something smaller.


  1. That's a pretty nice Sayers to get for free, I've certainly seen worse writing on cards.

    I see some individual cards in there that I'd be interested in, but wouldn't want all of them. So if you don't get any takers for the whole lot...

  2. I also see a few individual cards that I would be interested in, but what kind of value were you putting on the whole lot of 500 football cards?

    1. I was thinking $15000 or so. LOL! No, I don't have a number in mind, really. I was just hoping someone would make me an offer of something that would get them out of my way while adding to my enjoyment of cards.

      So I don't want to say I'm looking for a 1984 Topps Traded Dwight Gooden. Probably too low. And I don't want to say I need a 1997-98 Metal Universe Michael Jordan. Probably too high. I wouldn't want 2000 baseball commons, not a lot of enjoyment for me. But a 200 card lot with some fun stuff in it might be very welcome.

      And if you are looking for a dollar value, I hate putting those kinds of numbers out there. I always feel like I will offend the person by asking for way more than they are willing to pay, or I'll lowball so far that I rip myself off! But if that was what you were looking for, shoot me an email and make a lower offer. I might take it, I might counter. But I think email would be better for that.

    2. Can you possibly send me an email? Thanks

  3. Being a huge football collector I like all of it but not sure what you would want in return. I already gave you my Big Macs.

    You can drop me an email on what you might want in trade for these

  4. Nice Sayers. That ink sort of just blends in with the back of the card. And I'm like you... I enjoy watching football more than any other sport... but my card purchases are 90% baseball.

  5. Lots of neat stuff there, and the Sayers is fantastic! I'm overflowing with football at the moment, otherwise I would offer you something for some of these.

  6. Looks like the cards are pretty much spoken for. Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed!