Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 recap and the cards I grabbed

It's been fun reading all of the 2020 recap posts from all you bloggers.  I figure I should put mine up there too.

Personal - skip this bit if you don't care, the card stuff down the post a ways

I had a OK year, personally.  It was great to really spend a lot of time with my immediate family.  My wife and I seem to have been able to stand being around each other a lot more, so that is a promising sign for when the kids are gone!  And speaking of the kids, they are sure getting closer to leaving the nest, so I'm happy to have been able to have them around a lot more.  Unfortunately, their athletics and activities were impacted quite a bit, so that is less fun.

My health was decent up until a little scare a while back, but 'scare' and 'actually bad' are different things, and things are looking up.  Also, no covid here.  But I am scheduled to get tested today, as an extended family member has tested positive, one that I did visit (with masks on) for a short time around Christmas.  Odds aren't great that I have it, but gotta be careful.

Work has been a bear this year.  Won't bore you, but waaay too much to do and waaay too much stress.


A return to blogging - In 2014, I was having health problems and many things were taking my time and focus away from collecting.  I had been blogging for a few years at that point and just faded away.  This past April, as the pandemic blossomed, I made a semi-triumphant return!  It turned out to be very good timing, as I have had more time at home and with cards than ever before.

I started with some Diamond Nine giveaways, as I had seen Free Stuff Friday posts all over.  That was a lot of fun, and if not for the postage costs, probably would have continued longer.  It will probably be back someday too.  Other than that and a fun contest, I doubt I have posted anything really noteworthy, but it has been fun getting back into the blogging community.  You guys are all great!

Now on to some of my favorite cards that were acquired this year.

Favorite set completed - 1993/94 Finest basketball  - I have always wanted this set. It was the first year of Finest, and I was on my way out of the hobby as I moved into adulthood.  Nobody told me adults could keep collecting!  Anyway, I only bought a couple of packs of Finest, and never had a remote shot at the set.

So this year, I bought the whole thing off of Ebay!  I feel like I got a smokin deal, even though I could have probably gotten it cheaper a couple of months earlier.  I think I paid $67 and $15 shipping.  Was way cheaper than all the other Finest sets out there at the time.  And I just saw a partial set (no Jordan!) go for $73 last week.  So on the whole, I feel pretty good about the price.

Favorite single cards acquired in 2020

Favorite 80s card - Kevin McReynolds RC Autographed

This was a super surprise from Daniel at Its Like Having My Own Card Shop. I wrote about it here, but the basic reason this is my favorite 80's card I got this year is the shock and surprise I felt when I opened the envelope.  Truly a great example of the thoughtfulness and generosity of bloggers!

Favorite vintage - 1956 Topps Roberto Clemente

Total no brainer!!  If you didn't read about how I got this card, you can read it here.

Favorite "Modern Cards" - First off, I received a ton of modern cards from various sources.  Some really great ones!  Thanks to everyone who traded with me or sent stuff my way, it is all appreciated.  That said, a few modern cards stood out.

I have seen a lot of wonderful stadium club cards out there and really, those are probably the best.  But since they have been shown a lot, here are the three cards I settled on:

2020 Topps - Rookie Card Retrospective Logo Medallions - Gold #RCR-BG

Gibby was one of the large number of greats we have lost this year.  Quite a bummer.  I got this card as part of a lot of several Rookie Medallion cards.  I didn't notice the gold border or the serial numbering until days later.

2015 Panini Elite Extra Edition - Future Threads Silhouette Signatures #36

Something for Night Owl to actually enjoy on my blog for once!! This card was just too cool to pass up when I was offered it for $6.

2019 Panini Chronicles - Crusade - Blue Ice #17

I always loved the old Crusade inserts.  Not only were they beautiful, but rare too!  The new versions don't disappoint either.  So shiny and just awesome looking!  And lucky for me, this one is the "Blue Ice" parallel, numbered out of 99!  Doesn't hurt that Soto is quite the baseball player too.

As for next year...

I'm not really ready to have a good organized set of goals for 2021.  But I do have one thing I really want to do better.  I love comments on my blog, and am sure that all other bloggers feel the same.  I want to do my best to leave more comments on y'alls blogs, and whenever I have the time and energy, to leave more meaningful comments.  

No promises!  I won't be turning into Fuji overnight.  I'll definitely still leave quick comments a lot, but I want to try to get better.  Seems a worthwhile goal, and hopefully, one I can attain.

Happy New Year!


  1. You snagged some great cards! That full set of Finest was a steal!

  2. I agree with Lost Collector, great deal on the Finest. Also, great deal to get the WS MVP for 6 bucks. Glad to see you doing well and posting again!

  3. There is A LOT going on with that Seager card.

    Still super jealous about that Clemente, but it does give me hope that regular bloggers like us can land that card.

  4. Well, Fuji sets an unfair standard. Ha.

    That's a nice McReynolds.

  5. That Clemente is a great looking card. Way cleaner than my copy. And congratulations on picking up the Finest basketball set. That's one of those sets I should have targeted six to eight years ago... but it just slipped my mind. If there's ever a huge card recession again, I'll be sure to jump on that set. And Elliptical is right... that's a nice McReynolds. I'd love to see Topps include him in their Archives Fan Favorites set pictured with the Padres at some point.

  6. Leaving comments on other people's blogs will often lead to more being left on yours, so there's that to keep in mind too.

  7. Great adds this year. That crusade is a great design. And the 93/94 Topps Finest brings back so many memories. Fun post.

  8. The Finest set was a nice pickup, and the Soto is fantastic. But that '56 Clemente is a beauty!

    I'm definitely going to make it a priority to swing by more blogs in 2021, including yours. Happy New Year!

  9. Sweet Clemente! I'm still in disbelief that I actually own that card as well...even if mine does have most of the borders lopped off.

    Happy new year!

  10. Some great cards...congrats on the Finest set.

  11. What an amazing Clemente! Congrats on landing that one, it's a real beauty.