Monday, December 7, 2020

Part Deux and a collision

I was recently contacted by two wonderful readers of the blog with offers to help me out with cards on my "Top 9" on the sidebar -->.

Not one of the 2 new cards, but this one is pretty famous, the "Big Glove Part One" card!  Well...

Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life sent me this 'companion card' to the 86 Fleer, the 1991 Upper Deck Mickey Hatcher! I call it "Part Deux". Now in doing my due diligence on this card, trying to find out some info to share with you fine folks, I wasn't able to find much.  Well, except blog posts featuring the card by Nick from Dime Boxes and Night Owl!  Of course.  Everything I want to write about has already been taken by all the blogging legends hanging around these parts!

As you can see, the 'Big Glove' made a reappearance, and I really wanted this and the 86 Fleer side by side in my collection.  But the added bonus is on the back.  As both Nick and Night Owl mentioned, the Mick is stomping out a fire, possibly from a hotfoot joke.  I'm actually hoping it was a bag of flaming poo, like in Billy Madison.  But that's just me.

The second awesome card from my list that showed up was from new Canadian reader Derek!  Look at this beaut:
At first Derek wondered why I wanted an obscure food brand Pat Borders card.  But you all know right?  This goes right into my McGwire stash!!  Not the most graceful pose there, Mark.

Turns out Derek is a Robbie Alomar fan, along with some other Blue Jays.  I need to find him something cool in return, so if you are holding any sweet Alomars, send them my way!.


  1. Borders should be on a Taco Bell card, not McDonald's.

  2. Looks like Big Mac found himself knee-deep in a slap fight.

  3. Holy hot foot, do I need that card, and the McDs collision!! Love that UD. I've never seen the back on this one.

  4. Did you know that the whole Borders incident is the event that inspired Big Mac to bulk up and roid out? Me either. I just like starting stupid rumors. Cool card though.

  5. That McDonald's card is fantastic! Had never seen that one before, thanks for posting!

  6. Took me a while, but I clued in once I had actually pulled the card! Did anyone notice that it's a McDonald's card of a Big Mac?

    Still dredging up my old collection, do you need a 93 Donruss Piazza? I think the Bowman is his true rookie, but this one is a Rated Rookie card.